The Price of Silicon Metal Analysis In April 2024 and Price Trend

The decline in industrial silicon prices has slowed down this month, with the range ranging from 350 to 750 yuan/ton. The price of industrial silicon fell to a low level, and some factories stopped production and waited.

In addition, intermediary traders just needed to stock up, and the supply of low-priced spot goods decreased. However, there was no centralized stockpiling phenomenon in the end market. In addition to the decrease in low prices, buyers refused to accept high prices of silicon metal.

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The Raw Materials of Silicon Metal

In the industrial silicon raw material market, the price of Taiwanese coke fell slightly this month, factories were not active in purchasing, and the price of Yangtze coke increased. The main areas of use are Sichuan and Chongqing. The increase in Ningxia silicon coal prices is mainly due to the upward trend in coking coal prices. The increase in electrode prices is mainly due to the increase in the prices of its raw materials, while the prices of other raw materials have basically remained stable.

The Current Price of Silicon Metal

GradePrice on March, 29Price on April, 30Change

This month, the price of metallurgical grade industrial silicon fell within the range of 300-750 yuan/ton. After the price fell to a certain low, export traders released some orders, and domestic small-scale traders also stocked up. Although the industrial chain has developed It is not healthy, but the market demand still exists, and low-grade supply is also in short supply. It is reported that the factory price including tax of 553 non-oxygenated industrial silicon is 12,500-12,700 yuan/ton, the factory price including tax of oxygen-permeable 553# industrial silicon is around 12,800 yuan/ton, and the factory price including tax of 551# industrial silicon is 12,900-13,000 yuan/ton. tons, the factory price of 99 silicon including tax is about 13,000 yuan/ton, the factory price of 441# industrial silicon is about 13,200 yuan/ton, and there are also factory quotations at 13,400 yuan/ton, which is relatively reluctant to sell, and the factory price of 3303# industrial silicon is 13,700- 13,800 yuan/ton. Production is mainly in Yunnan. The ex-factory price of low-phosphorus boron industrial silicon in Fujian is around 15,500 yuan/ton.

The price of chemical grade industrial silicon has room to fall by 400-500 yuan/ton, and the purchase price of organic silicon factories is basically controlled within 14,000 yuan/ton. Some organic silicon factories also set prices at market prices when they do not have high requirements for trace elements, or Continue to drive down purchase prices. 421# Ordinary spot shipments are still not smooth

The FOB Price of Silicon Metal (FOB Tianjin USD)

Grade4.29 FOB Tianjin3月29日价格涨跌

In March, my country’s industrial silicon product exports totaled 63,901 tons, a year-on-year increase of 15,923 tons, an increase of 24.92%, and a month-on-month increase of 26,539 tons, an increase of 71.03%. The cumulative export volume of industrial silicon in 2024 is 165,274 tons, an increase of 18,116 tons year-on-year, an increase of 12.31%.

Export prices fell this month following the domestic trend. Industrial silicon export volume increased in March, but the export price did not see a significant increase. Many export traders said that the price was too low and it was difficult to accept orders. However, some orders were released for export demand. At present, The export market is still mainly stable.

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