The Price of Silico Manganese is Difficult to Rise

Current Price of Silico Manganese

On April 10, 2024, a representative steel mill in Hebei province in April silico manganese inquiry ¥5900 yuan/ton, compared with March prices fell ¥400 yuan/ton. From the perspective of supplier mentality, the mood is more intense on the 6000 line. In the spot market, affected by the strong price of manganese ore, the silicon manganese alloy factory is mostly wait-and-see, and the high sentiment has risen.

At present, the quotation of silicon manganese 6517 in the north is around ¥5800 yuan/ton, and the quotation of individual factories is ¥5900 yuan/ton, and the quotation of southern factories is temporarily stable at ¥5900-5950 yuan/ton. Although the factory quotation has stopped falling, there has been no progress in the transaction, and the downstream demand and pricing response are still negative alloy prices.

Silicon Manganese Price Analysis

On the supply side, the Ningxia factory, which stopped production in mid-March, has recently resumed production, and individual factories have sent power and will be producing iron in the near future. There are also factories to start early production preparation, this network will continue to track factory production changes.

silico manganese prices

With the manganese ore shipment and the impact of rising outside the fermentation, the domestic port spot price sentiment is obvious. Tianjin Hong Kong and Macao block mainstream offer 40 yuan/ton per degree, Gabon block mainstream offer 38-39 yuan/ton degree, South Africa semi-carbonated block mainstream offer 35-35.5 yuan/ton degree, there are still some sealing do not report, the market is slightly chaotic, a small number of transactions to follow up.

In addition, the Inner Mongolia Wulanqab region factory feedback Inner Mongolia Mengxi power trading rules have changed, the later price will continue to rise. At present, due to the electricity price and market reasons, Inner Mongolia Fengzhen silicon manganese factory has taken the initiative to reduce production.

Manganese ore and electricity prices have risen, and the long-term cost of silicon and manganese has pushed up, and the market is looking forward to rising sentiment. Today, most of the silicon manganese factory wath-and-see, the northern offer is still about ¥5800 yuan/ton, individual discontinued factory inventory spot offer ¥5900 yuan/ton, but there is no transaction.

Silicomanganese Price Outlook in April 2024

Although the cost has pushed up silicon manganese, making silicon manganese stop falling, the price rise is still subject to downstream demand, which is more difficult. At present, the industry is concerned about a new round of steel mill calibration to clear the silicon manganese market.

For the performance of silicon manganese alloy, the industry has different views. There is a view that the long-term cost is higher, the downstream demand recovery stimulated, the alloy will gradually improve, and the industry is not optimistic about this wave of short-term decline driven by manganese ore. The essence of the price of silicon manganese depends on the adjustment of the supply and demand structure, and the follow-up pays close attention to the changes in the supply end of silicon manganese and the release of demand from downstream steel mills.

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