The Price of Ferrosilicon in Chinese Market in 2024

Silicon: ferrosilicon spot running green, futures continue to fall

Ferrosilicon spot continued to run green this month, the enthusiasm for goods is not high, affected by this, the industry’s confidence suffered a setback, pessimism increased significantly. Futures prices fell sharply again, the actual transaction follow-up is quite slow, most of the pessimistic atmosphere is relatively thick. Ferrosilicon long confidence is not enough, the market spot supply is still tense, the actual demand situation needs to be improved, the first half of the month buyers purchasing enthusiasm is obviously not good, the industry most of the low-priced walk-in enthusiasm is not high, part of the temporary wait-and-see situation, the industry pessimism continues to escalate, the later market trend how to pay attention to the website reports.

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Chromium: ferrochrome market performance is not active, prices remain stable and fluctuating, a little slow High-carbon ferrochrome market transaction is not very active. Supported by the strong cost side, the market price is still difficult to find, the market enquiry atmosphere is still good, but the transaction performance is actually more general, although the factory offer more firm high, but the high price transaction follow-up situation is not good.

Affected by the cost price rise again, high carbon ferrochrome market expects to sell the mood also increased, but the downstream hoarding willingness is not active, low-priced resources are hard to find, the factory offer confidence is relatively firm, high carbon ferrochrome enterprise low price selling mood is stronger, part of the steel mills bidding prices have been raised, the alloy plant to support the mood of a certain boost, the short-term factory offer or continue to maintain a stable trend, coupled with the gradual improvement of the production of high chromium in some areas, may continue to run at a firm. Enhancement, may continue to run in the firm, but also need to continue to pay attention to the progress of the subsequent steel recruitment and ferrochrome supply and demand changes.

Molybdenum: molybdenum price high probe up, foreign molybdenum prices rose sharply

June domestic molybdenum price high probe rise, molybdenum chemical market game intensified, domestic raw material low price hard to find, due to the international molybdenum price rise, stimulate the domestic molybdenum market. But the steel tender market is weak, steel mills for high price raw materials acceptance is not high, drill factory upside and loss calculation is increasing, the market overall trading is not fully recovered, tender price follow up is relatively slow, the industry chain upstream and downstream stalemate and the game is still intense. Single transaction performance is not too active, estimated that the market in the short term does not rule out still have a game wait-and-see situation.

Vanadium: vanadium prices overall show finishing trend, raw material cost support is relatively firm

This month, domestic vanadium prices showed an overall trend of consolidation, the market turnover performance relative to last week has turned lighter, the raw material cost support is firm, some holders offer to increase the enthusiasm to ship, offer a slight sign of loosening, vanadium flake market improved, but some manufacturers still refuse to ship at low prices, the pressure of the price is still there are certain difficulties. Although the majority of traders inquiries increased, but still have a wait-and-see mentality, the acceptance of high prices is limited, the trade retail market to maintain a cautious atmosphere of wait-and-see, traders shipments more than purchases, low-priced pickups is not easy, the wait-and-see atmosphere is thicker, the space for the rise is limited, is expected to domestic vanadium price fluctuations in the space is not expected to be too big.

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