The Price of Ferro Vanadium Upwards

Ferro Vanadium Prices on China Market

Summary of transaction prices of vanadium products: vanadium-nitrogen alloy 135,000-137,000 yuan/ton accepted, ferrovanadium 97,000-98,000 yuan/ton accepted; retail vanadium chips 86,500-87,000 yuan/ton cash; 98% ammonium metavanadate 82,000 yuan /cash.

Last Friday afternoon, the mainstream vanadium flake manufacturers announced that the latest execution price of January vanadium flakes was raised to 91,500 yuan/ton acceptance (cash 90,000 yuan/ton). Today, most vanadium raw material and vanadium alloy manufacturers have increased their quotations. First of all, after the large manufacturers of vanadium chips increased their prices, retail vanadium chip holders were reluctant to ship at low prices and the prices of large manufacturers were high, and the overall sentiment was strong in reluctance to sell. In terms of vanadium alloys, vanadium-nitrogen alloy manufacturers quoted prices ranging from RMB 138,000 to RMB 141,000/ton in cash, and most manufacturers have not shipped goods for the time being and are waiting to see the market. Ferrovanadium quoted prices ranged from RMB 100,000 to RMB 102,000/ton in cash, and the supply of low-priced goods has decreased.

The quotations of vanadium alloys from mainstream major manufacturers have also continued to increase today to boost the market. The overall vanadium market is currently looking forward to rising prices. However, because the steel bidding for vanadium-nitrogen alloy last week was still around 135,000-137,000/ton acceptance, and the acceptance rate of ferrovanadium was 97,000-98,000/ton, the high-price transaction of vanadium alloy has not yet been followed up. Most alloy factories remain on the sidelines on high-priced raw materials and continue to pay attention to the film. Progress in signing contracts with major vanadium manufacturers.

The Ferro Vanadium

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The main factor affecting the price of ferrovanadium is the recent increase in the price of ferrovanadium in the Chinese market. main reason

1. Affected by the supply and demand relationship, China’s main ferrovanadium products are affected by environmental protection, and some factories have limited production and electricity.

Affected by natural disasters, due to the 6.2-magnitude earthquake, the infrastructure of Gansu, a major ferroalloy production province in China, was damaged. Coupled with the impact of heavy snowfall in many provinces and cities, transportation was inconvenient and manufacturers had difficulties in shipping. But according to zxferroalloy, these factors have a weak impact on prices.

Domestic steel mills are stocking up at the end of the year, and fervanadium exports are increasing. Leading to an increase in fervanadium prices.

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