The Current Silicon Metal Price in China Market

Silicon metal, also known as industrial silicon, is widely used in industry. It is commonly used as a “hardener,” or alloying element, to produce aluminum alloys, and is also used to make silicones, microprocessors, and solar cells. In addition, it is used as a secondary smelting additive in the manufacture of photonic devices and industrial refractories. China has a dominant position in Silicon metal.

2022 China Silicon Metal Export Price

In September, more than 10 organic silicon factories in China consumed about 79,600 tons of silicon metal, 0.02 million tons less than the previous month.  From January to September, a total of 729,800 tons of silicon metal was consumed, an increase of 204,800 tons compared with 2021. 

In September, the silicone market continues to be depressed, with little change in output.  Organosilicon plants plan to reduce production.  It is expected that the total amount of silicon metal consumed by organic silicon will decrease significantly in October. 

The decline in domestic demand has not affected the international demand for silicon metal.  Recently, the price of silicon metal has an upward trend.  The following is the price analysis of various types of silicon metal. 

Silicon metal 421 price

Silicon metal 421 reached its highest export price so far this year ($3,950-$4,050) in March, and has since fallen, reaching its lowest price so far this year ($2,930-$2,980) in July. Since August, the silicon metal price has been on a state of slow rise, and the silicon metal price of 421 has stabilized between $3,080 and $3,110 this week.

(img1: silicon metal price of 421 in 2022)
(img1: silicon metal price of 421 in 2022)

Silicon metal 441 price

Silicon metal 441 price

Silicon metal 441 reached its highest export price so far this year ($3,860 to $3,900) on March 10, with a steeper price cut from mid-March to the end of May. The lowest metal silicon price so far this year ($2,660-$2,710) was reached in early June, and it began to show a fluctuating upward trend in mid-June. The silicon metal price of 441 was stable at $3,020-$3,060 this week.

Silicon metal 553 price

Silicon metal 553 reached its highest price so far this year ($3,520 to $3,570) on March 11, followed by a sharp decline from March 16 to its lowest price so far this year in early June ( $2350 to $2420). This price has been maintained for a week and then began to rise. This week, the silicon metal price of 553 stabilized between $2840 and $2870.

Silicon metal 2202 price

2202 Silicon metal price has been in a downward trend this year. It only rose once in the second half of August, but then continued to decline. The silicon metal price of 2202 has dropped from $5,600 to $5,800 at the beginning of the year to $4,550 to $4,650 now.

Silicon metal 3303 price

Silicon metal 3303 reached the highest price so far this year ($3980-$4020) in mid-March, and then the price declined sharply, and began to rebound briefly on June 13, but began to decline again on June 24. Metal silicon price reached the lowest so far this year ($2,880-$2,960) between the end of July and the beginning of August. The silicon metal price of 3303 remained between $3090 and $3120 this week.

4213080-3110Tianjin PortFOB
22024550-4650Tianjin PortFOB
33033090-3120Tianjin PortFOB
4413020-3060Tianjin PortFOB
5532840-2870Tianjin PortFOB
2022,Oct14 silicon metal export price China Tianjin Port

Analysis of Silicon Metal Price

At present, a large silicon metal factory in northern China has raised the silicon metal price, and the price of the factory in the south is also at a high level. The downstream buyer market of silicon metal has recently placed orders for the polysilicon industry actively, silicones are purchased according to the rigid demand, and the aluminum market is also in the situation of replenishment according to the rigid demand, but overall the enthusiasm for placing orders is not high.

Due to various factors such as rising raw material prices due to the epidemic, tight transportation, and limited start-up time in the south, the metal silicon price is still in the upward stage. In addition, the factory is reluctant to sell and the middlemen stock up the goods, the metal silicon is like a “scared bird”, and the price fluctuates at any time.

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