The Current Price of Rare Earth Ferro Silicon in China Market 2024

This month, raw material prices have risen, the alloy market has been running strong, and market news has been flat. Affected by environmental protection, the operating rate of downstream foundries and the reduction in order volume, downstream customers are not active in inquiring prices, and the attitude towards purchasing raw materials is cautious.

Ferro Silicon uses Ferro Silicon lump Ferro Silicon powder

The demand for rare earth alloys is not strong, and there is no motivation for price increases. The raw material market is volatile, and alloy factories mainly produce according to orders.

The profit situation is not good, and the willingness to stabilize prices is strong. The actual transaction is mainly based on rigid demand. The rare earth alloy market is expected to rise slightly, and market confidence has recovered slightly.

The Prices of Rare Earth Silicon

This month, the price of rare earth silicon 30 one-step method increased by 300 yuan/ton, cash ex-factory including tax. Driven by the increase in raw material prices and the recovery of the inquiry atmosphere in the foundry industry, the price of rare earth silicon continued to run strong and stable.

The rising trend of the cost side of rare earth silicon driven by raw materials continued, resulting in little room for bargaining for rare earth silicon. Factories mostly quoted prices based on their own costs and sales rhythm, and the overall level was mainly stable and upward.

The Prices of Rare Earth Magnesium

Rare earth magnesium is still running steadily overall, and the raw material market is favorable, which is a great opportunity for rare earth magnesium manufacturers to increase prices, so the factory quotations are rising at the right time. Although the downstream casting terminal is in the off-season, there has not been much breakthrough in orders, and it is difficult to accept the high price of raw materials, but some large factories in production still purchase on demand to maintain “peaceful coexistence” between upstream and downstream orders. With the high cost of raw materials, rare earth magnesium manufacturers adjust according to the market, and the market outlook is still bullish.

The Price Analysis of Rare Earth Ferrosilicon

Rare earth ferrosilicon: Currently, there are few manufacturers of 30# one-step rare earth silicon, and the factory spot is in short supply. In addition, the price of raw materials is firm, the old orders of manufacturers are stable, production is on demand, and there is no excessive inventory. It is expected that in the short term, the 30# one-step rare earth silicon market will continue to maintain a pattern of low supply and high prices.

Rare earth magnesium silicon: At present, there are differences in the market trend among the industry. Those who are slightly optimistic about the future market are mainly based on the expectation of strong raw materials; while there are also relatively pessimistic people who believe that terminal demand is unlikely to improve. The rare earth magnesium market needs further news stimulation under the game, and the market continues to maintain stability.

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