Silicon Metal Price Today in China Market on October 11, 2023

China’s silicon metal market became active after the National Day. Various grades of silicon metal have different price changes due to different downstream users.

silicon metal price today in China Market on October 2023

Silicon metal 553 increased by ¥300 compared with before the National Day. The main reasons for the rise in silicon metal prices in the Chinese market are:

  1. After the National Day, silicon metal manufacturers resumed production slowly, and manufacturers were out of stock, making it difficult to deliver orders.
  2. The market is confident, and factories and silicon metal traders are optimistic about silicon metal prices.
  3. Purchase volume increased, and downstream factories such as aluminum plants began bidding and purchasing silicon metal. Silicon metal plants have completed delivery of orders for September. Manufacturers and traders have low inventories and are reluctant to sell.
  4. The prices of silicon metal raw materials such as petroleum coke and silicon coal continue to rise. There are only 15 days left in the flood season in silicon metal production areas, and electricity prices may rise by then.

The Price of Electricity in the Producing Area of Silicon Metal


The current market transactions of Oxygen-free 553# are slightly light. Taking advantage of the rising trend before the holiday, factory quotations have reached 14,800-15,000 yuan/ton ex-factory, and the transactions are mainly 14,500-14,600 yuan/ton. The current quotation has dropped by about 200-300 yuan, which is basically the same as the transaction price. consistent, but receiving orders is not smooth. The mainstream ex-factory quotation of 3303# is 15,800-16,200 yuan/ton, while the transactions are mainly 15,600-15,900 yuan/ton. The factory quotation is also slightly lower than the pre-holiday price. The low PB quotation in Fujian remains at a high level of 17,000-17,200 yuan/ton.

silicon metal price silicon metal 553 441 2202 3303 1101

Oxygen metal silicon 421, as a new round of bidding for polysilicon plants is in progress, the market price remains stable. The mainstream ex-factory quotation of the factory remains between 15,100-15,400 yuan/ton, and the transaction price has stabilized.

Silicon Metal Price Trend Analysis

Electrovalence: After the flood season in Sichuan and Yunnan, electricity price adjustments affected the cost of silicon metal.

Supply and demand: Metal silicon factories are resuming production, new factories are slow to start production, and inventory accumulation will take some time. In the downstream market, individual polysilicon plants have started inquiry mode, and some large manufacturers will implement procurement plans one after another around the middle of the year, basically purchasing one month’s worth of supplies at the normal pace. Quotations from grinding mills have steadily increased, but their performance in accepting orders has not been active.

The silicon metal price trend will depend on electricity prices, supply, and demand, and will basically focus on price stabilization.

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