Silico Manganese Production Process with LC Ferro Manganese

ZXferroalloy is a leading manufacturer of ferro silicon manganese. The raw materials for silicon manganese are manganese ore, silica, rich manganese slag, dolomite, coke, and fluorite.

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The traditional production method of silicon manganese is to reduce the manganese oxide and silicon dioxide components in manganese ore and silica by ore furnace. However, the current preparation method has the problem of low recovery rate of manganese and silicon at the production level, which seriously restricts the development of the silicon-manganese alloy manufacturing industry.

In order to improve the recovery of manganese and silicon element, here shares a new method for producing silicon manganese with low carbon ferro manganese.

Raw materials:

Manganese OreMn≥20%、FeO≤8%、P≤0 .03%8-100mm
CokeFixed C≥85%10-25

Silicon Manganese Production Process

Manganese ore is added to the furnace and coke is added for smelting. A manganese-rich slag with a manganese content greater than 30% is obtained. Add 40%-60% lime of the weight of manganese-rich slag, mix well and put it into the refining furnace for smelting to obtain low-carbon ferromanganese slag.

The low-carbon ferromanganese slag is loaded into the shaker, and at the same time, crystalline silicon accounting for 3% of the weight of the low-carbon ferromanganese slag is added, shaken for 5-10 minutes under the condition of a rotating speed of 25-35r/min, and then cast to obtain a manganese-silicon alloy.

Current Price of Silicon Manganese

At present, the northern Inner Mongolia factory quotes 6400-6450 yuan/ton, the Ningxia factory quotes 6450 yuan/ton, and some factories that are in short supply stick to 6500 yuan/ton. The quotation of the southern Yunnan factory is about 6,400 yuan/ton, the quotation of the factory in Guizhou is about 6,450 yuan/ton, and the Guangxi factory still insists on the 6,500 line. Judging from the current transaction, the price difference between the North and the South is not obvious.

From the perspective of the recent factory start-up situation, the overall situation in the north is stable, with individual conversions and furnace maintenance, while the overall start-up in the south is sluggish. The production ratio of 6517 in Guangxi factories has decreased, and individual factories have switched from 6517 to 6014.

Manganese ore

After mid-July, the arrival of manganese ore in Qinzhou Port was less. As of July 14, the inventory of manganese ore in Qinzhou Port decreased by 110,000 tons compared with the beginning of the month. Manganese miners still have the sentiment of guarding prices due to inventory reduction, and their enthusiasm for low-price shipments is low.

Manganese miners are not willing to ship at low prices after the factory replenishment returns to carefully controlling quantity and price procurement. The manganese ore market returned to calm. The arrival of Gabon manganese ore in Tianjin Port in July was only more than 100,000 tons, and there will be no amount of manganese ore arriving in Hong Kong after the middle of the month. The current market price in Tianjin Port is 37-37.5 yuan/ton degree, and that in Qinzhou Port is 37-37.5 yuan/ton degree.

Silico manganese

The room for factory quotation adjustment is limited, the overall quotation sentiment of factories is average, and the mentality of traders is still weak. Judging from the current transactions, the price difference between the north and the south is not obvious, concentrated in the 6400-6450 range.


Medium Carbon Ferro Manganese

Ferromanganese is weak and stable, and the spot prices of high, medium, and low manganese show signs of flexible and slight downward adjustment, but terminal inquiries and purchases mainly follow the market, and there are few follow-up transactions. Coke on the raw material side has been raised for the third time this month, with a cumulative increase of 150 yuan/ton. The price of manganese ore continues to remain firm, and the cost of ferromanganese is slightly supported. The current price of high manganese 65# is 5600-5700 yuan/ton, and 75# is around 6550-6700 yuan/ton. The medium manganese 75C2.0 part is lowered to 7800-7900 yuan/ton, and the low manganese 0.7 is expanded to 9700-9900 yuan/ton.

Electrolytic manganese metal

The spot price of electrolytic manganese fell to about 14,000-14,100 yuan/ton, and the price trend of wind vane bid steel price synchronization was finalized at 14,600-14,980 yuan/ton. The demand performance is average, and the market is difficult to see a significant improvement. The industry operates cautiously and has a high degree of recognition for the subsequent price decline.

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