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Currently, the primary methods for producing rare-earth ferro silicon magnesium nodular agents include secondary smelting and remelting, as well as alloy liquid pressure with magnesium.

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However, the traditional secondary smelting and remelting process is not only costly but also results in a higher burning loss of magnesium and a higher content of magnesium oxide in rare earth ferro silicon magnesium. In the disclosed process of alloy liquid pressure with magnesium method, apart from the top surface, all other parts of the pressed magnesium ingot are fully exposed and can directly come into contact with the alloy liquid.

Moreover, due to its short distance from the alloy liquid surface, this exposed magnesium ingot is not easily absorbed by the alloy liquid. Although fractional addition of magnesium ingot in medium frequency induction furnace can reduce burning loss, it requires longer processing time at much lower temperatures which limits its use to electric furnaces only. Additionally, production enterprises face issues such as open exposure during natural cooling after pouring nodulator alloy liquid into melt pool resulting in slow cooling especially at central part leading to significant gravity segregation and chemical composition segregation on solidified alloys within melt pool; furthermore, upper surface part contains high levels of both magnesium content and magnesium oxide content. These problems directly impact the quality and application effectiveness of rare-earth ferro silicon magnesium spheroidizing agent. It is also important to minimize casting time for molten fesimg alloys to reduce oxidation losses.

The Uses of Ferro Silicon Magnesium

To solve the problem of severe reaction and low effective element absorption in the melting process of rare earth magnesia ferrosilicon nodule agent, stabilize and improve product quality, reduce production costs, achieve energy recycling, and reduce environmental pollution. The combined molten pool of magnesium pressing treatment device and casting of rare earth magnesium ferrosilicon nodule agent alloy liquid was designed and made. The magnesium pressing treatment device comprises a treatment package, a lower-pressure plate with a sleeve and a pressure column, an upper-pressure plate, and a guide rod.

The metal magnesium and a retaining cylinder with an external tight hoop of heat-insulating refractory material are welded with the sleeve, and a gas protective sleeve is placed above the treatment package. The combined molten pool for pouring rare-earth magnesium ferrosilicon nodulizing agent alloy liquid consists of a molten pool bottom plate, molten pool long side plate and molten pool short side plate, molten pool core plate, and T-shaped iron, gate bottom plate, and pouring cup.

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The molten pool core plate and T-shaped iron bar are placed in the cavity composed of molten pool bottom plate, molten pool long side plate and molten pool short side plate. The long side plate and short side plate of molten pool are fastened by external frames and screws. The gate bottom plate is placed on the melt pool bottom plate, and the gate cup is placed on the top melt pool core plate. The four corners of each core plate in the combined melting pool have equal sides, and the thickness of the sides can be adjusted to change the thickness of the alloy. The combined molten pool for pouring alloy liquid is made of heat-resistant cast iron or cast steel except for the frame and screws.

The application process of rare earth magnesium ferrosilicon nodular agent is as follows

a. Inject the ferrosilicon alloy liquid smelted by the ore furnace into the treatment package, remove the liquid surface scum, and then pour the low silicon molten iron containing RE and Ca melted by the induction furnace into the treatment package, and place the gas protective sleeve on the treatment package;

b. Press the pressure disc and pressure rod assembly with metal magnesium into the alloy liquid, and input the inert protective gas or carbon dioxide gas through the tangent direction of the gas protective sleeve, and enter the treatment package through the uniformly dense outlet. Lift the pressure disc and pressure rod assembly out after the reaction is over, stop the gas input, and remove the gas protective sleeve;

c. Pour the rare earth magnesia ferrosilicon nodulizing agent alloy liquid from the pouring cup to the combined melting pool. After pouring, press the external cold iron on the overflow of the alloy liquid at the top of the pouring cup and the combined melting pool;

d. After the alloy liquid of rare earth magnesium ferrosilicon nodulator is solidified and cooled in the combined molten pool, the combined molten pool is opened to obtain the rare earth magnesium ferrosilicon nodulator without chemical composition segregation and low oxidation

The above method of producing rare earth Mgo-ferrosilicon nodular agent is suitable for smelting multi-component alloy liquid in mineral furnaces alone and is more suitable for smelting multi-component alloy liquid in mineral furnaces and medium frequency induction furnaces. The thermal insulation refractory material and stopper around the metal magnesium effectively control the contact area between the metal magnesium and the superalloy liquid, alleviating the melting of the metal magnesium, not only plays the role of pressing the metal magnesium in steps but also significantly increases the distance between the metal magnesium directly in contact with the superalloy liquid and the top surface of the superalloy liquid, which is conducive to the formation of Mg2Si.

The inert shielding gas or carbon dioxide input by the gas shielding sleeve on the treatment package inhibits the oxidation of the magnesium alloy liquid during the reaction. The combined molten pool and pouring cup used for pouring rare-earth ferro silicon magnesium nodule alloy liquid can fill the molten pool cavity quickly in the shortest possible time. The molten pool core plate and T-shaped iron play the role of internal cold iron and solidify the rare-earth ferrosilicon magnesium nodule alloy liquid filled into the cavity at the same time. The oxidation and segregation of the upper surface of the rare-earth ferrosilicon magnesium nodulator alloy liquid is overcome because it is uniformly cooled in a closed cavity.

Rare-earth ferro silicon magnesium nodular agent has low oxidation loss, less chemical segregation, and stable quality. Suitable for mass continuous production, low production cost. The secondary melting process of rare-earth magnesia-ferrosilicon nodule agent has been canceled, which has achieved the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection and eliminated environmental pollution.

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