New Ferroalloy Silicon Barium Inoculant for Casting

What is Ferro Silicon Barium?

Silicon-barium inoculant is a bulk metallurgical material made by mixing silicon powder and barium powder according to the required ratio, and then making steel in a high-temperature furnace. It is an additive in the casting process of the foundry. It has the characteristics of promoting graphitization, reducing the tendency of whitening, improving the shape and distribution of graphite, increasing the number of eutectic groups, and refining the matrix structure. It has the characteristics of short time after inoculation treatment Within (about 5-8 minutes) have a good effect.

ferro silicon barium for sale silicon barium alloy manufacturer
ferro silicon barium for sale silicon barium alloy manufacturer

SiBa Specifications:

Silicon: 65% min

Barium: 2.0-6.0%

Calcium 1.0-2.0%

Aluminum 1.0-2.0%

Uses of Silicon Barium Inoculant:

silicon barium for sale
silicon barium for sale

1. Strongly increase the graphitization core, refine graphite, promote A-type graphite in gray iron castings, and increase strength. For ductile iron castings, it can make the graphite in ductile iron fine and round, and improve the nodularization level.

2. It can effectively reduce the supercooling degree of molten iron, promote the precipitation of graphite, significantly reduce the tendency of whitening, reduce the relative hardness, and improve the machining performance of castings.

4. The sensitivity of wall thickness is small, which improves the uniformity of the section and reduces the tendency of shrinkage and porosity.

3. The anti-recession ability is strong, and the anti-recession time is twice that of 75 silicon. The amount of silicon-barium inoculant is less than half of that of 75 ferrosilicon inoculant, and at the same time, it can prevent the associated spheroidization decline.

5. The chemical composition is stable, the processing particle size is uniform, and the deviation of composition and quality is small.

6. Low melting point (lower than 1300°), easy to absorb melting during inoculation treatment, and there is very little scum.

Particle Size of Silicon Barium Inoculant:

ferro silicon barium SiBa supplier from China
ferro silicon barium SiBa supplier

·0-0.25mm: used for inoculation in the mold

·0.2-1mm: for inoculation with flow

·1-3mm, 3-8mm: used for inoculation in the bag

·8-15mm: used for inoculation in the furnace

Silicon Barium Production Process

Qualified silica, steel shavings and coke are weighed and mixed, and then the mixture is supplied to the furnace platform. The above mixture is mixed with barite, limestone and radio, and then added to the electric furnace to smelt the molten iron ingot, and the chemical composition is sampled and analyzed. Qualified products are finely broken, packaged and put into storage, and unqualified products are re-smelted. The raw materials of silicon-barium inoculant consist of 10-400 kg of barite, 500-600 kg of silica, 0-50 kg of calcium carbide, 450-550 kg of coke, 65-85 kg of steel scrap, and 5-10 kg of limestone.

The requirements for the above raw materials are the same as those for smelting 75% ferrosilicon for silica, coke, and steel shavings. Barite should contain more than 70% BaSO4, with a particle size of 40-60m/m, no soil, no inclusions, and anti-knock performance. Well, limestone contains more than 51% CaO, particle size is 30-40m/m, calcium carbide contains more than 70% CaC2, particle size is 30-40m/m and is not pulverized, and the chemical composition range of silicon-barium inoculant is Ba0-30%Si0-70%, Ca0 -4%, Al is less than 2%.

Without adding new equipment, silicon-barium inoculants can be produced in a submerged arc furnace at one time, which significantly reduces the unit power consumption from 14,000 degrees per ton to 8,600 degrees, and the product cost is greatly reduced. The amount of silicon-barium inoculant added is only one third of that of 75% ferrosilicon, and it improves the quality of castings, and solves the uneven strength caused by large wall thickness difference and the inoculation caused by the limitation of production layout and the length of pouring process. Recession and other problems, improve product quality.

The optimal ratio of silicon-barium inoculant is 600 kg of silica, 400 kg of barite, 2 kg of calcium carbide, 500 kg of coke, 5 kg of limestone, and 80 kg of steel shavings.

ferro silicon barium inoculant production
ferro silicon barium production process

The Packaging of Ferro Silicon Barium

packaging of ferro silicon barium alloy
packaging of ferro silicon barium alloy

Generally, it is packaged separately in 25 kg small bags, and then packed in large bags outside.

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