Medium Carbon Ferro Manganese Application & Market Analysis

Medium carbon ferromanganese is a type of steel material. The main components are manganese and iron. The manganese content is generally 68%~80%, the iron content is 14%~28%, and the carbon content is 1.0%~2.0%. Zhenxin Metallurgy is developing The specifications of medium carbon ferromanganese sold are as follows.

TypeGradeMnC ≤Si ≤P ≤S ≤
MC FeMnFeMn82C1.078.0-

Characteristics of Medium Carbon Ferromanganese

  1. High strength and hardness
  2. Medium carbon ferromanganese has a higher carbon content. Therefore, it has higher strength and hardness than ordinary steel. Specifically, its tensile strength, yield strength, and hardness are quite high.
  3. Wear resistance. Medium carbon ferromanganese contains large amounts of manganese. Can improve the hardness and wear resistance of steel. Therefore, steel produced with medium carbon ferromanganese as raw material can withstand long-term and high-burden work better than ordinary steel.
  4. Corrosion resistance. Manganese can improve the corrosion resistance of materials.

Uses of Medium Carbon Ferromanganese

  • Alloy additives. When medium carbon ferromanganese is used as an alloy additive, it can increase the carbon and manganese content in steel. Manganese is an important alloying element in steel. It can improve the properties of steel and make it have good oxidation resistance and wear resistance.
  • Desulfurizer. Sulfur is a harmful impurity in steel that will reduce the plasticity and toughness of steel. As a relatively cheap desulfurizer, medium carbon ferromanganese can effectively reduce sulfur in steel.
  • Deoxidizer. Manganese has a high affinity for oxygen. As a cheaper deoxidizer, medium carbon ferromanganese removes oxygen from steel by forming manganese oxide with oxygen, thereby improving the quality and uniformity of steel.

Medium Carbon Ferromanganese Price in China Market

Since 2023, China’s medium-carbon ferromanganese has shown an overall decline, but recently, due to the recovery of the market,

The enthusiasm of factories in some areas to start operations has improved. In addition, the price of raw materials such as coke has increased, and production costs have increased. The price of medium carbon ferromanganese has finally rebounded slightly.

At present, most factories on the market mainly focus on delivering orders, and there are few retail resources available. The cost-end coke and manganese ore prices will still maintain a strong trend. However, the factory side has entered a double-stock reserve cycle due to the shortage of spot goods, and the market for medium-carbon ferromanganese may be easy to rise but difficult to fall.

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