Low Carbon Ferro Chrome Price Declining 2023 Chinese Market

October 27, 2023, the price of low carbon ferrochrome has been lowered again by 100 yuan /60 base tons, and the cumulative drop of 200 yuan /60 base tons this week has been 600-700 yuan /60 base tons this month. Current market mainstream price: low 25/14700-15200; Micro 10/14900-15400; Micro 6/15300-15700 (yuan /60 base tons, natural block cash including tax factory), southern resources due to cost and freight differences, the price is higher than the northern region.

The price of low carbon ferro chrome

On the one hand, the recent decline in the price and volume of chrome products has led to the downstream purchasing sentiment becoming more cautious. Secondly, the phenomenon of steel production reduction is more common, and the demand for low carbon ferrochrome has also declined. The factory’s previous orders have been delivered, the offer has increased the willingness to ship, and the market can significantly increase the supply of goods. However, because the market is in a weak callback channel, end users, middlemen and other basic maintenance just need to replenish, counteroffer prices continue to decline, resulting in low micro ferrochrome transactions.

From the cost point of view, 48-50% of the port spot price of Tianjin powder back 2.5-3 yuan/ton degree, 46-48% soil powder back 2 yuan/ton degree, silicon chromium alloy back 300-400 yuan, equivalent to low micro carbon ferrochrome cost back 300-400 yuan /60 basis, which shows that the iron price exceeds the cost. Factory profits have retreated sharply, some factories in the south have been on the verge of the cost line, and there is little room for a broad reduction in subsequent iron prices, but due to the lack of favorable support for upstream and downstream, the trend of weak consolidation may continue.

Low Carbon Ferro Chrome Manufacturer in China Oct 2023

Low carbon ferrochrome operating rate of 64.29% (28 factories, 18 in production), the same as the previous quarter; Capacity release 47.61%, an increase of 3.02%; It is expected to produce 40,900 tons, up 0.26 million tons from the previous month.

Total FurnacesOpenRate of OperationOutput (MT/Mon)

Silicon Chrome Manufacturer in China Oct 2023

In October, the national Si-chromium alloy operating rate of 79.17% (statistics 24, 19 started), the same as the previous month; Capacity release was 60.12%, an increase of 3.52%; It is expected to produce 39,200 tons, an increase of 0.300 tons from the previous month.

Total FurnaceOpenRate of OperationOutput (MT/Mon)

In October, there was no change in the operating rate of silicon chrome alloy, with the recovery of low-micro-carbon ferrochrome production, the demand for silicon chrome alloy was enhanced, and the production of silicon chrome alloy factories was maintained at full capacity as far as possible to maintain their own consumption and a small number of profitable resources for sale, so the production continued to increase and refresh the new high level in recent years.

The Production Cost of LC Ferro Chrome on October 27, 2023

 Cr OreSiCrPowerothersCostCr60
LC FeCr48756435102619661430214544

Electrosilicothermic microcarbon ferrochrome smelting is chromium ore, chromium silicon alloy and lime added into the electric arc furnace, electrosilicothermic microcarbon ferrochrome smelting mainly rely on electric heating to melt the charge, chromium chromium alloy in the silicon reduction of chromium ore Cr2O3 produced.

Electrosilicothermal micro-carbon ferrochrome smelting smelting equipment used for electric arc furnaces. It is divided into two types of open and covered, the power is more than 500kV.A, and has a device to adjust the voltage on load to adapt to the needs of different operating periods. The furnace lining is made of magnesia brick with graphite electrode.

The main raw materials of electrosilothermic micro-carbon ferrochrome smelting are chromium ore, silico-chromium alloy and lime. Some also add fluorite and iron scales. Chromium ore should be a dry, clean lump ore or concentrate with a lump size of less than 50mm; Containing Cr2O3>40%, Cr2O3/∑FeO>2.0, phosphorus content should not be greater than 0.03%. Select silicon chromium alloys with different carbon content according to the grade of low carbon ferro chrome.

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