How to Buy Calcium Silicon from China?

Calcium silicon, also named ferro silicon calcium, is composed of silicon, calcium, iron, etc. Calcium silicon is an excellent deoxidizing agent that used in steel making.

ferro silicon calcium silicon calcium powder
ferro silicon calcium

There are hundreds of calcium silicon companies in China. Customers feel confused when choosing a supplier. The same specification, the price difference is 100 or even 200 US dollars. (Under normal circumstances, the price difference should be within 30 US dollars)

Some traders reported that the quality of the products they received was substandard, causing customers who had cooperated with them for a long time to lose trust. Some end-users reported that the quality of the products they purchased was substandard, requiring increased input during production, thereby increasing costs. What’s more, excessive amounts of harmful elements (Al, C, P, S, etc.) in the products led to a decline in product quality. causing greater economic losses. Why do these situations occur? Sunny takes you to learn about the calcium silicon manufacturers in China market.

Calcium Silicon Manufacturer in China.

calcium silicon alloy has been produced by electrosilicothermal method since about 1907. There are 6 main calcium silicon manufacturers which located in Shannxi, Ningxia, and Inner Mongolia. There are several small calcium silicon manufacturers which smelt off-standard calcium silicon (Ca: 50%, Si:25%). The purity and yield can’t meet the requirement. Some of the price-oriented buyers only look for cheap materials, so what they brought is off-standard calcium silicon or mix with off-standard calcium silicon.

How to Choose a Calcium Silicon Supplier?

Experienced: Have export experience, because calcium silicon is classified as dangerous goods or general goods depending on its content. These require professional technicians and freight forwarders.

With rich sales experience, we can provide customers with the most suitable packing method and help customers save shipping costs. (One of zxferroalloy’s Russian customers is an end user. In the past, each container was purchased with only 24 tons. After the business manager’s advice, the customer successfully transported 54 tons in two containers, saving sea freight.)

Familiar with the product can help you efficiently. Customers choose the most suitable product. (A new customer, contacted zxferroalloy and other companies at the same time, zxferroalloy company has spot goods, and supplies certification from a professional organization. The SGS test report results are as follows, and the customer successfully conducts transactions. The customer finds an unprofessional company, issues a factory appraisal, and repeatedly guarantees its quality and final product parameters. If it is not qualified, the end user will reject it, and the calcium silicon trader will suffer a great loss)

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Who was Looking for Calcium Silicon?

Calcium silicon is mainly used in the steel industry, foundries, CaSi cored wire factories.

Zxferroalloy cooperates with customers from Russia, India, Uzbekistan, and other countries. Our customers include end users such as steel mills, foundries, core-wire mills, and traders.

who is looking for calcium silicon?

Calcium Silicon Price

The overall transaction volume of the calcium silicon market decreased after National Day, mainly because most downstream factories had stocked up before the holiday, and currently, they are still mainly consuming inventory. Therefore, there are currently no purchase plans for calcium silicon alloys. Although the market quotation of calcium silicon is strong after the holiday, due to the low market transactions, the actual transaction price of calcium silicon alloy is relatively chaotic in order to facilitate transactions. In the later period, it is necessary to continue to follow up on the actual transaction price of the calcium silicon market, and it is expected to be weak next week.

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