How to Buy Calcium Metal from China?

Calcium metal is mainly used as an additive in steelmaking.  Some of the steel industry added the calcium metal in block form, while some of the steel industry added the calcium metal in calcium cored wire form.

Zxferrroalloy supplies calcium metal lumps, calcium metal powder, calcium metal cored wire, calcium metal turning, and calcium metal wire. No matter what kind of shapes of the calcium metal, it is to dangerous product. This article introduces the export cases of calcium metal.

1. Vietnam Client for Calcium Metal


We met the Vietnam client on Alibaba. He was looking for 10 tons of calcium metal. This customer can’t speak English, so the sales manager communicated with the customer in English. The sales manager sent the official quotation, SGS test report, company profile, and BL (without the customer’s information). A Chinese friend of a Vietnamese customer listened to an unprofessional supplier’s introduction and believed that metallic calcium could be transported in ton bags, and the product name could be changed and transported by land.

Our professional opinion is that metallic calcium products can only be packed in iron drums filled with argon. Calcium metal products cannot be combined with other products during transportation. A dangerous package certificate is required when transporting metallic calcium.

Vietnamese customers rejected the products and transportation solutions we provided out of trust in their Chinese friends.

More than 3 months later, customers reported that the product was not right. Customers are now recommended to contact their Chinese friends and their calcium metal suppliers to coordinate follow-up issues.

2. South Korea Client for Calcium Metal

The customer is using it for experiments, Ca 98.5%, particle size: 0-0.3mm. The key question is that the customer wants 1 ton of metallic calcium powder. Metal calcium powder is a dangerous good, and a small cabinet can only be customized by the relevant regulations on dangerous goods. Finally, the customer contacts other suppliers to change the product name, and the goods are consolidated and transported to the destination.

The customer finally succeeded in purchasing metallic calcium products through illegal means, but he took great risks during the trade process. It is not advisable to take chances.

How to Buy Calcium Metal from China?

If it is your first time to buy calcium metal in China, you need to pay attention to the following details.

Check the Qualification of Calcium Metal Supplier

The export of metallic calcium products requires export qualifications. Suppliers can provide transportation identification, MSDS, export licenses, dangerous package certificates, etc. In addition, buyers can require suppliers to provide these certificates. Suppliers can be asked to provide bulk product pictures of metallic calcium, production or delivery videos, bills of lading from past transactions, and other information.

The Packaging of Calcium Metal

Calcium Metal Lumps

100 kg / Drum, 80drums/Container

Calcium Metal Granule

175 kg / Drum, 80drums/Container

Calcium Metal Wire

180-200 kg / Drum, 80drums/Container

Calcium Metal Turning

80 kg / Drum, 80drums/Container

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The Specification of Calcium Metal

Ca:98.5%. SGS detection of metallic calcium is difficult. So buyers need to find a professional supplier.

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