FeSiMg Rare Earth Ferro Silicon Magnesium Alloy Nodulizer

Ferro silicon magnesium is an additive that is mainly used in the cast iron industry. It can promote the crystallization of graphite in nodular cast iron into a spherical shape. It is a nodulizing agent.

Nodulizer Classification

Ferro silicon magnesium

Rare earth ferro silicon magnesium

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Ferro Silicon Magnesium FeSiMg ferro silicon mangensium price

FeSiMg Chemical Composition

the size and chemical composition can be customized as required

Ferro Silicon Magnesium Uses

zxferroalloy supplies ferro silicon magnesium with a magnesium content of 4-6%, or 10-11%. Magnesium content 4%, 5%, and 5.5% belong to low magnesium nodularization agent, RE between 1%-2%, mostly used in medium frequency furnace melting, low sulfur iron liquid nodularization treatment. It has the advantages of a slow nodulating reaction and easy absorption of nodulating elements.

Magnesium content 6%, 7% belong to the magnesium series of spheroidizing agent, mostly used in cupolas, electric furnace double melting, or medium frequency furnace melting pearlescent type cast ductile iron castings. According to the wall thickness of the casting and the sulfur content of the original hot metal, the appropriate amount of nodulating agent is determined. The application range is wide and the nodulating process is broad.

High magnesium series of spheroidizing agent, suitable for cupola melting, sulfur content 0.06%-0.09% iron liquid, the amount of addition between 1.6%-2.0%. A low aluminum spheroidizing agent is used for castings that are prone to subcutaneous porosity defects and castings that require aluminum content in liquid iron.

The spheroidizing agent produced by pure Ce and pure La has fewer pure inclusions and rounded graphite spheres after spheroidizing treatment. The nodulating agent produced by yttrium-based heavy rare earth is suitable for large section castings, delaying nodulating decline and preventing block graphite. The spheroidizing agent containing Sb is used for pearlescent ductile iron. The low silicon spheroidizing agent is suitable for casting plants that use a large amount of return charge. Nickel-magnesium spheroidizing agent is used for high nickel austenitic nodular iron.

Ferro Silicon Magnesium Price

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