Chinese Market Price of Ferro Vanadium | Nitrided Vanadium | Vanadium Metal in 2024

The Current Price of Ferro Vanadium, Vanadium Flakes, Nitrided Vanadium

The overall transaction volume of vanadium products (feV, V flake) in March fluctuated downwards, with various vanadium products falling by RMB 5,500-11,000/ton.

In early March, the price of vanadium flakes bottomed out from around 84,000 to around 88,000-89,000/ton in cash. However, the demand for vanadium flakes has decreased, and traders have been cautious in stocking up. After the price increase, traders’ shipments increased, and downstream traders quickly turned to wait-and-see, making it difficult to complete transactions at high prices.

Transactions continued to slow down in mid-March, and vanadium prices fell back slightly. Major vanadium chip manufacturers were under great pressure to ship goods and took the initiative to lower prices to 80,000/ton for cash shipments. Shipments were relatively smooth. In the middle of the month, the overall transaction volume of vanadium products basically stabilized and fluctuated within a narrow range.

At the end of the month, the price of rebar fell to a low again, and steel mills stepped up their efforts to lower the price of alloy purchases. The vanadium-nitrogen alloy was under pressure and fell back to 118,000-120,000 yuan/ton for acceptance, and fervanadium fell to 87,000-88,000 yuan/ton for acceptance. The production pressure of alloy factories has doubled, and production enthusiasm is low. After the alloy price fell, a small number of retail vanadium flake holders also reduced the price to 78,000-79,000 yuan/ton to facilitate transactions, and downstream purchases were cautious.

Ferro Vanadium Price in March 2024

The overall trading volume of ferrovanadium in March was relatively small, and the mainstream transaction price fell from 98,000-99,000 yuan/ton acceptance to around 89,000-90,000 yuan/ton acceptance, which was about 9,000 yuan/ton lower than the previous month. The decline in fervanadium transactions this month expanded. On the one hand, steel mills purchased less and demand was weak; on the other hand, the price of flake vanadium continued to fall, cost support was weak, and fervanadium prices continued to decline weakly. Manufacturers mostly produce according to orders, traders also mainly operate back-to-back, and the market atmosphere is relatively cold.

Nitrided Vanadium Price in March 2024

In March, the transaction price of vanadium-nitrogen alloy was mixed, but the overall trend was weak; the mainstream transaction price fell from 132,000-134,000 yuan/ton acceptance to about 120,000-124,000 yuan/ton acceptance, which was about 11,000 yuan/ton lower than the previous month. tons, a decrease of about 8.3%. The price of rebar continues to fall, and steel mills are prone to maintenance and production cuts. This month, the recruitment of vanadium-nitrogen alloy steel has dropped significantly; steel mills have also gradually increased their efforts to purchase alloys. At the end of the month, some medium and large steel recruitment has dropped to 118,000-120,000 yuan/ tons of acceptance or so. The pressure on the production of vanadium nitrogen plants has deepened, and the enthusiasm for production is not high. Some said that the actual orders will be discussed again; traders are also more cautious in purchasing, with more inquiries and fewer actual orders.

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