Ferro Titanium FeTi | Factroy Price of Ferro Titanium

What is Ferro Titanium?

Ferro titanium is an alloy which is composed of titanium, iron, and other impurities such as aluminium, silicon, carbon, manganese, etc. Ferro Titanium is mainly used as a deoxidizer, desulfurizer, degassing agent, and alloy agent in steelmaking.

Ferro Tinatium FeTi | Factroy Price of Ferro Titanium 
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The Specification of Ferro Titanium

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Ferro Titanium Uses

Ferrotitanium is used as deoxidizer, degassing agent and carbon-sulfur stabilizer in steelmaking.

 Titanium deoxidation is used in the production of killed steel, which can reduce segregation in the upper part of the steel ingot, improve the quality of the steel and increase the yield of the steel ingot.

Titanium and nitrogen dissolved in molten steel can be combined to form stable titanium nitride, which can eliminate the adverse effects of nitrogen on steel properties. Titanium and sulfur in the molten steel form titanium sulfide, which can eliminate the formation of iron sulfide that causes hot embrittlement.

Titanium and carbon form extremely stable titanium carbide. The particles of titanium carbide can prevent the growth of steel grains, refine the structure of steel, and increase the strength of steel. The chemical affinity between titanium and carbon is greater than that between chromium and carbon.

Adding ferrotitanium to stainless steel to fix carbon can eliminate the depletion of chromium at the grain boundaries of stainless steel and improve the corrosion resistance of stainless steel.

 In recent years, ferro titanium has been used as a microalloying element to produce high-strength low-alloy steels.

Adding titanium to cast iron helps to generate fine-grained graphite, and also plays the role of degassing, incubating, purifying and refining the casting structure, and improving the wear resistance of the casting.

Adding titanium to heat-resistant cast iron can improve the heat resistance of cast iron parts. In addition, titanium-containing composite alloys are used as additives in the production of superalloys and aluminum alloys. Welding rods use ferrotitanium as the coating component, which can improve the welding quality.

Ferrotitanium is a special alloy with a wide range of uses. It is added to steel as an alloying element during the steelmaking process to refine the structure grains, fix interstitial elements (C, N), and improve the strength of the steel.

When smelting stainless steel and heat-resistant steel, titanium combines with carbon to form a stable compound, which can prevent the formation of chromium carbide, thereby reducing intergranular corrosion and improving the welding performance of chromium-nickel stainless steel. The products deoxidized with titanium are easy to float. Deoxidizing killed steel with titanium can reduce segregation in the upper part of the steel ingot, thereby improving the quality of the steel ingot and increasing the yield of the steel ingot.

Titanium combines with nitrogen dissolved in molten steel to form a stable titanium nitride that is insoluble in molten steel. High titanium iron is an indispensable alloy material for smelting iron-based high-temperature alloys and high-quality stainless steel.

With the improvement of steel quality and the increase of varieties, the requirements for the quality and varieties of ferrotitanium are getting higher and higher.

Ferro Titanium Production

The main methods for producing ferrotitanium are the thermite method, the electrosilicothermal method and the electrocarbothermal method, as well as the remelting method of scrap titanium metal. The reduction of titanium concentrate with aluminum is the main method for producing ferrotitanium, and the resulting product contains carbon Low, but aluminum and silicon are higher.

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