Ferro Silicon Price in China Market on September 2023

Ferro Silicon Price Today

On September 11, ferrosilicon futures rose. Chinese ferrosilicon manufacturers arranged orders to produce ferrosilicon. Ferrosilicon quotations were firm, and low-priced goods were hard to find in the market. The price of blue carbon continues to rise, and the cost support of silicon plants is strengthened. Steel recruitment in September is progressing slowly, and the prices of Northern Hegang and Shougang have not yet been settled. The mainstream market prices this morning were Ferrosilicon72: 800-6950, ferrosilicon75: 7200-7400, and ferrosilicon65: 6400-6450 yuan/ton.

Raw coal has increased, coking plant costs have increased, and blue charcoal prices have continued to rise. From the beginning of July to today, blue charcoal has increased by about 300 yuan/ton. Today, Shenfu blue charcoal prices are 1180-1280 yuan/ton.

Regarding magnesium ingot The quotation of magnesium ingot factories this morning was at 24,000-24,300 yuan/ton. Traders may have lower-priced supply, but high-priced transactions have not yet been followed up. The price of export orders has not shown any improvement recently and may enter a smooth transition period this week, waiting for new order guidance.

Ferrosilicon75 prices on China market 2023

In general: Ferrosilicon cost support has been strengthened, there has been no significant change on the supply side, and Zhongwei’s enterprises undergoing maintenance due to line problems have returned to normal. The performance of demand-side steel mills is acceptable, while non-steel demand (magnesium metal, exports, castings, etc.) is still weak. Manufacturers’ inventory pressure is small, market spot goods are concentrated in delivery warehouses, and the number of warehouse receipts in delivery warehouses has declined slightly. Continue to pay attention to the progress of steel recruitment this week, and the spot price remains strong.

Ferro Silicon Prices Last Week

The price of ferrosilicon on 2023.9.7 is 72#6800-7000, 75#7200-7400 yuan/ton cash natural block leaves the factory, standard block 72#6900-7100 yuan/ton leaves the factory, the price difference between large and small factories Larger, the quotation is more confusing. After the futures market pulled up yesterday, market inquiries were active, low-priced goods were difficult to find, and hedging increased.

8.28-9.3, the daily output of ferrosilicon was 14,925 tons, a decrease of 360 tons from the previous period. This week, a factory in Zhongwei was temporarily suspended for a few days due to line problems, and the impact was not significant.

Magnesium ingot: Magnesium factories quoted 22,800-23,000 yuan in the morning. Low prices are hard to find. The market supply is reduced, and the inventory of magnesium companies is declining. The attitude of reluctance to sell is obvious.

In general: the recent macro-favorite promotion, coupled with the stimulus of news such as temporary maintenance of factories in production areas, both futures and current performance are acceptable. In September, the steel recruitment is advancing, waiting for the pricing of Northern Hegang, and the electricity price will also be settled one after another. Pay attention to the progress of electricity prices .

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