Ferro Silicon Nitride Used in Taphole Clay

Ferro silicon nitride is mainly used in steelmaking industry and refractory industry. Today, we will talk about the uses of ferro silicon nitride in taphole clay.

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What is Ferro Silicon Nitride

Ferro silicon nitride is mainly composed of Si3N4. It contains small amount of free iron, ferrosilicon, and other impurities.

The Uses of Ferro Silicon Nitride

Ferro silicon nitride is mainly used in taphole clay to improve the strength, High temperature performance, as well as promoting breathability and opening performance.

Ferrosilicon nitride is a mixture with Si3N4 as the main component. Its application in taphole clay significantly improves the performance of taphole clay. First of all, the addition of ferrosilicon nitride can significantly improve the strength of gun clay. Studies have shown that as the addition of ferrosilicon nitride increases, the strength of the cannon mud increases and the erosion index decreases. When the addition of ferrosilicon nitride is 10%, the performance of the cannon mud reaches its best. However, further increasing the amount of ferrosilicon nitride will lead to a decrease in the strength of the gun clay and an increase in the erosion index.

In addition, ferrosilicon nitride also has a significant impact on the high-temperature performance of gun clay. After high-temperature treatment, ferrosilicon nitride reacts chemically with other components in the gun clay to form new phases, which are intertwined with each other to increase the strength. Especially at temperatures above 1100°C, raw material components such as ferrosilicon nitride, clay, and sericite undergo chemical reactions to form new phases, which significantly improves the strength of cannon clay.

The addition of ferrosilicon nitride also promotes the breathability and opening performance of the gun clay. At high temperatures, the reaction of ferrosilicon nitride will release a small amount of N2, which will increase the apparent porosity, which helps to improve the air permeability and opening performance of the gun clay. The reaction products of ferrosilicon nitride include nitrogen oxides, silicon and iron oxides. The formation of these products helps to avoid the oxidation of carbon, promotes the formation of tiny pores during the sintering process, and is beneficial to improving the performance of the gun clay.

In summary, the application of ferrosilicon nitride in taphole clay not only improves the strength and high-temperature performance of taphole clay, but also promotes its air permeability and opening performance, thereby improving the tapping efficiency in the blast furnace ironmaking process. and security.

The Current Price of Ferro Silicon Nitride

Si:48-52%, N:28-30%, , Fe:12-18%, 200mesh
FOB Tianjin 957USD/T

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