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What is Silicon Barium?

The silicon barium is composed of silicon, barium, and other impurities.

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Silicon barium is mainly used as a deoxidizing agent in steelmaking and as an inoculant in casting. Barium is a kind of active alkali metal, it has great affinity with oxygen and sulfur, so it can be used as a deoxidizer and desulfurizer in steelmaking.

Ferro silicon barium is used in foundry production. Adding ferrosilicon barium can reduce the whitening tendency of cast iron, thereby improving the decay resistance of cast iron. Silicon barium is a long-lasting, highly efficient inoculant used in cast iron production. Using silicon-barium alloy is more effective and cheaper than using ferrosilicon alloy. One ton of silicon-barium alloy can replace one and a half tons of ferrosilicon alloy.   

The Specification of Ferro Silicon Barium.

GradeBa minSi minAl maxC maxMn max

The Production Process of Silicon Barium.

Silicon barium alloy can be produced according to the method of producing 75% ferrosilicon. The raw materials are silica, barium ore (barium carbonate), coke, and steel scraps.

The Production Data of Ferro Silicon Barium.

Many places in Henan have initiated orange warning responses for heavy-pollution weather, including the Anyang area. Therefore, local silicon-based composite alloy production is basically at a standstill, and the specific start time remains to be seen.

The Current Price of Ferro Silicon Barium Inoculant.

From the perspective of the front-end market, the prices of the main raw materials high barium, calcium silicon, and ferrosilicon fell weakly, but because the decline was not large, it had little impact on the cost of downstream silicon-based composite alloys. From the perspective of the terminal steel market, the situation of steel mills is not good, and the number of tenders has been reduced. Therefore, it is difficult for the market demand for silicon-based composite alloys to recover before the end of the year. Overall, the upstream and downstream markets are in a weak position and affected by external environmental protection, the market sentiment for silicon-based composite alloys is relatively sluggish.

The quotations of low barium factories in Qinghai and Inner Mongolia continue to remain stable. At present, the mainstream quotations in the low barium 4-6# and 2-3# markets in Qinghai are 7000-7050 yuan/ton, and in Inner Mongolia the quotations are 7200-7300 yuan/ton (ex-factory tax included). price).

Since there are very few manufacturers in production, even if demand from the casting end is sluggish, low-barium factories still have orders in hand and are not eager to adjust prices accordingly. Therefore, the price difference with 72 ferrosilicon has gradually widened. The time for the Ningxia factory to resume production is unknown, and the low barium market has limited production capacity in a short period. Under the situation of weak supply and demand, it is expected that low barium prices will continue to see a stalemate.

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