Ferro Alloys Price Analysis in Chinese Market–May 23,2022

According to Ferroalloy Online, last week (May16-May20), China’s ferroalloys prices crashed. Ferrosilicon, ferro calcium silicon, and calcium metal prices have been reduced.


ProductMay 13, 2022May 20, 2022RegionChange
FeSi728700-88009600-8700Inner Mongolia↓100
FeSi6583008250-8300Inner Mongolia↓25
ferrosilicon prices

Ferrosilicon export

From May 13 to May 20, the export price of ferrosilicon did not change much, and the quotation was FOB72%: $1800-1850, FeSi75: $1930-1970. Inquiry and transactions are general, and foreign customers mostly wait and see the market. Indian FeSi70: 140,000-145,000 rupees/ton, a few quotations are 130,000 rupees/ton, most of the ferrosilicon manufacturers mainly execute long-term orders early, and there are few new orders.

Ferro silicon prices in China 2022.1-2022.4

Downstream Market

Magnesium metal: May 16-May 20, magnesium ingots fell first and then stabilized. On May 23, market transactions were low. Manufacturers cut prices to receive orders.

Ferrosilicon prices forecast

In June, the bidding for domestic steel mills began gradually. There was no change in policy, and there was no significant change in the supply and demand of ferrosilicon. The market is expected to remain weak and stable.

Calcium Metal Prices

Last week, the price of metal calcium in the Chinese market was lowered from 33,000 to 30,000 yuan, down nearly 10%.

May 23 calcium metal prices in China

ProductCaPrice ¥(EXW)Region
Calcium metal lumps96%28000Shanxi
Ca metal wire97%  6.5-8.5mm32000-33000Henan
Ca metal granule96%  0-3mm31000-32000Henan
calcium metal prices in China

The main reasons for price fluctuations are:

1. Shanghai epidemic from April to May (metal calcium was exported from Shanghai port). The closure and control of the epidemic have led to a delay in exporting calcium metal, and some foreign customers have transferred orders.

2. Resumption of work and production in metal calcium production areas, with stable output: the state has introduced a series of policies to provide loan assistance to enterprises through tax reduction and tax reduction, lift the policy of restricted vehicle travel, and open up transaction and transportation links. It is calcium metal enterprises to obtain more price advantages.

3. Downstream manufacturers, steel mills, and metal calcium cored wire manufacturers mostly take a wait-and-see attitude. Calcium metal manufacturers cut prices to receive orders.

calcium metal lumps
calcium metal lumps
calcium metal granules
calcium metal granule
calcium metal cored wire
calcium metal cored wire

Calcium metal forecast

With the lifting of the epidemic in Shanghai and the resumption of production in production areas, the price of metal calcium is expected to stabilize at the end of the month.

Manganese metal

On May 23, the demand for high carbon ferromanganese decreased, while the output is stable.

The buyers of high-carbon ferromanganese have obviously lowered their prices, and most of the market transactions are biased towards manufacturers with low bids. It is difficult to ship with high quotations.

The low and medium ferromanganese maintained a downward trend, and there was no favorable factor in the market for the time being, and the spot price continued to fall. The demand for low-carbon ferromanganese is further reduced, and the price is at risk of losing again.

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