Electrolytic Manganese Metal Flakes Price Analysis in May 2024

In May, the price of electrolytic manganese fell first and then rose. At the beginning of the month, the demand for steel was released.

The market demand increased, traders were willing to stock up in small quantities, which tightened the supply, cost transmission and the rapid rise of low-manganese related products. A small amount of electrolytic manganese was traded at 13,500 yuan/ton.

electrolytic manganese metal
electrolytic manganese metal flakes

However, the high price of manganese ore has moved down since the middle of the month, and the prices of silicon manganese and ferromanganese have both dropped. It is difficult to match the spot transaction of electrolytic manganese. Traders once again made concessions and promoted sales, and the final transaction fell to 12,600-12,800 yuan/ton. At the end of the month, the spot price of low-manganese steel rose sharply, Baosteel manganese balls were supported by high pricing, and the alliance meeting in mid-June stimulated a series of favorable factors. Electrolytic manganese started to rise again, and the quotations of some factories returned to the level of 13,500 yuan/ton at the beginning of the month.

Manganese Metal Flakes Prices

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Manganese Metal Flakes

In May 2024, electrolytic manganese is in a high and strong oscillation trend. It coincides with the release of steel demand. The market demand has increased, traders are willing to actively stock up a small amount of goods, which has tightened the supply, cost transmission and the rapid rise of low manganese in related products (low manganese 0.7# has risen to 10,200 yuan/ton) are still the main driving factors of the market. In the early month, the mainstream transaction of electrolytic manganese market was around 13,000 yuan/ton, and some reached 13,300-13,500 yuan/ton. The quotation at Tianjin Port was slightly chaotic, with the quotation range ranging from 13,300 to 13,800 yuan/ton.

The high quotation of manganese ore in the middle of the month moved down, and the prices of silicon manganese and ferromanganese were all lowered. The transaction heat of the electrolytic manganese market was relatively general. The factory reported that customers maintained rigid demand purchases, and their own quotation of 13,300 yuan/ton lacked advantages. After the high quotation transactions of the port and East China were restricted around the 15th, the holders intended to realize profits in time, and a small number of quotations have shown signs of correction (13,300 yuan/ton). The factory-side quotations in the main producing areas are obviously giving profit, and the futures quotations of traders in the same region are reduced to 13,000 yuan/ton again.

It is difficult to match the spot transactions of electrolytic manganese around the 20th. The holders basically give profit promotion by reducing the price by 100 yuan per day. The self-pickup transaction of some traders in Guangxi has dropped to around 12,600 yuan/ton (a drop of about 500 yuan from the 15th). The feedback from the factory side is affected by the small number of spot delivery futures orders, and the quotation sentiment has weakened. Very few have been reduced to 12,800 yuan/ton (a drop of about 300 yuan from the 15th).

However, the rapid rise of low manganese at the end of the month stimulated the increase in demand for electrolytic manganese, and the concentrated release of rigid demand in the steel recruitment cycle (Baosteel manganese balls are priced at 13,800), and the electrolytic manganese market is strong and volatile. On the 30th, traders frequently raised their quotations. A small number of factory self-collection transactions were completed at 13,200-13,300 yuan/ton (an increase of about 500 yuan compared with the 20th). Some quotations at Huangpu and Tianjin ports were raised to 13,500 yuan/ton. The quotations of factories in Guangxi and the main production areas of manganese triangle were raised to 13,300-13,500 yuan/ton.

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