Electrolytic Manganese Metal Flakes Price Analysis 2023 & Outlook 2024

In 2023, the price of manganese metal flakes fluctuated. At the beginning of the year, the EMM factory reduced production, while the supply was greater than demand, electrolytic manganese inventory remained high.

Manganese Metal Prices In 2023

In the first quarter, the export price of electrolytic manganese metal was reduced by FOB 2240-2250 USD (January, 2023). After the Spring Festival, the factory resumed work, but the actual order did not increase. Electrolytic manganese metal prices are slightly lower.

In the second quarter, due to the terminal’s lack of confidence in the price of electrolytic manganese metal, it was difficult for factories and traders to reach a consensus on the price. Electrolytic manganese metal prices fell sharply in the second quarter.

In the third quarter, the price of electrolytic manganese metal accelerated to decline, and during the National Day of 2023, the factory refused to cut prices under the support of costs. However, the actual demand continued to weaken, and the price of electrolytic manganese metal fell further.

In the fourth quarter, terminal steel manufacturers were more cautious about the purchase of electrolytic manganese, and the market was not confident in the price of electrolytic manganese. Near the end of the year, the number of factories that stopped production, coupled with the situation in the Red Sea in December caused by a sharp rise in sea freight, most suppliers chose to reduce the risk, early delivery at the end of the year, so electrolytic manganese shortage phenomenon re-appeared.

The Export of Electrolytic Manganese Metal 2023 China

According to customs data, electrolytic manganese exports of 312,529 tons in 2023.

Electrolytic Manganese Metal Export to the Countries Below

Countries2023 Export Volume/tons2022 Export Volume/tonsGrowth Rate %
China Taiwan884290672.48

The Electricity Price in 2023

In 2023, the country’s electrolytic manganese production area will be 0.35-0.7. In 2023, the price of electrolytic manganese will fall again and again, and the profit margin of electrolytic manganese will become smaller. The advantage of electricity price makes the big factory more competitive.

The Outlook of Electrolytic Manganese Metal in 2024

In China, the intensifying recession in the real estate market has reduced steel mill consumption. Exports of electrolytic manganese have decreased, making it difficult for export prices to rise significantly.

The monthly output of electrolytic manganese in 2024 will be around 100,000 tons, and excess electrolytic manganese production capacity will exist for a long time.

The ex-factory price of electrolytic manganese in 2024 will be between 12,000-13,000.

Moreover, under the influence of the substitution of low-carbon ferromanganese, electrolytic manganese will remain low in price without policy and demand support.

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