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What is Chrome Metal?

Chrome metal, also known as metallic chromium, is mainly used to smelt special alloys with elements such as cobalt, nickel, and tungsten. These special steels and special alloys are indispensable materials for aviation, aerospace, automobiles, shipbuilding, and the defense industry to produce guns, missiles, rockets, ships, etc.

The Specification of Chrome Metal

Cr MetalCr minFe maxSi maxAl max

The Price of Chrome Metal in the Chinese Market

The Production of Chrome Metal

The Chinese market mainly uses the thermite method to produce chrome metal.

China’s annual chrome metal output is nearly 5,000 tons, half of which is used for domestic sales and generally for export. Due to the long production process of metal chromium, strict quality requirements, serious environmental pollution, and difficulty to completely prevent and control, for many years, manufacturers have been limited to Jinzhou, Hunan, and Nanjing, so the output is relatively stable.

The current metal chromium production process has a long history, and it should be said that it is basically mature and perfect. However, in order to adapt to market needs, improve the market competitiveness of products, reduce costs, and reduce environmental pollution, the current technology still has a lot to be improved.

The electrolytic method of producing metallic chromium uses high-carbon ferrochromium as raw material and then obtains chromium ammonium vitriol through chemical treatment. Electrolytic chromium ammonium vitriol is used to obtain electrolytic chromium.

The Jilin plant was the first in China to build an electrolytic chromium test site. A considerable part of metallic chromium abroad is also produced by electrolysis. The advantage of this method is that the product has high purity and is easy to break. Unfortunately, no product has been launched in China, let alone the international market. It is recommended that chromium salt chemical plants develop in this area in areas with favorable conditions, especially in areas with low electricity prices in the northwest. Manufacturers that originally produced electrolytic manganese metal can also take advantage of aqueous solution electrolysis and develop electrolytic chromium, but they must still pay attention to preventing pollution. Even if hexavalent chromium is not used but trivalent chromium or ferrochromium is used for electrolysis, hexavalent chromium will still be generated in the anolyte, which must be prevented. In addition, electrolytic chromium contains high oxygen, and a corresponding high-temperature hydrogen deoxidation furnace needs to be built. To get a good product.

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