CaSi Cored Wire – Calcium Silicon Cored Wire Cases

What is CaSi Cored Wire?

CaSi cored wire, also known as calcium silicon cored wire, is an additive in steelmaking, which is beneficial to adjust and control the content of easily oxidized elements and trace elements, can greatly increase the yield of alloys, reduce smelting costs, shorten smelting time, and precisely control the composition. During smelting, it is fed into the steelmaking filter, melted by the heat in the steelmaking furnace, reacts in molten steel, and removes impurities in molten steel.

The Specification of CaSi Cored Wire

GradeWire Diameter mmStrip Thickness mmPowder Weight
Specification of CaSi Cored Wire
calcium silicon cored wire calcium cored wire alloy cored wire

Customized CaSi Cored Wire


Indian cooperative customer, customer is a well-known metallurgical enterprise in India. The client company has a steel production plant that mainly produces stainless steel and a foundry plant that mainly produces castings such as manhole covers and bearings.

This customer purchased nitrided manganese cored wire from us, this time he needs calcium silicon cored wire. The following are the specifications of the CaSi cored wire.

Ca:      28-32%

Si:        55-63%

P<=     0.05%

N<=     0,14%

Fe<=   4,00%

AI<=    1,50%

Powder weight: 220-240g/m

Diameter: 13+/-0.5mm

The thickness of steel strip: 0.4+/-0.2mm

The customer needs 1 ton of CaSi cored wire in one roll, which is smaller than our regular size. The packaging method requires that the cored wire is wrapped in a plastic bag, and an iron cage is installed outside. Order 20 tons of calcium-silicon cored wire in a small cabinet.

casi cored wire calcium silicon cored wire

The factory exports a large number of silicon-calcium cored wires, and our products are sold at home and abroad. Most domestic and foreign customers demand 1.8 tons to 2 tons. This 1ton per coil calcium-silicon cored wire, and the outer iron cage are made of thicker material. Our technicians focus on designing the product size and optimizing the winding technology. The size of each iron cage is controlled at 1.14m. It is put into the container very smoothly.

The customer issued a letter of credit in early June, and our factory accelerated production completed the production within 14 days, and delivered the goods in advance according to the customer’s requirements. Customers have always been very assured of the quality of our products, and also appreciate our professional service.

The Production Process of CaSi Cored Wire

calcium silicon cored wire producing process

Calcium Silicon Cored Wire Prices (CaSi Cored Wire Prices) On July 2023

The price of calcium silicon cored wire is stable in July.

The price of strip steel for silicon-calcium cored wire in the Chinese market has risen, but due to the general demand for cored wire, factories have not raised the price of silicon-calcium in order to obtain orders.
It is expected that the price of calcium-silicon cored wire will not change much in the third quarter.

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