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The Price of Calcium Silicon in the Chinese Market

The price of calcium silicon in the Chinese market, the ex-factory price of calcium silicon in Shaanxi is Ca30Si60: 10,800-10,900 yuan/ton, the market transaction price in Ningxia is 10,800-10,900 yuan/ton, and the market transaction price in Inner Mongolia is 10,800-10,900 yuan/ton; Shaanxi The regional national standard ca2 market transaction price is 10,700-10,800 yuan/ton, the Ningxia market transaction price is 10,700-10,800 yuan/ton, the Inner Mongolia market transaction price is 10,700-10,800 yuan/ton; the Henan region ca28si55 transaction price is 10,100-10,300 yuan/ton , the transaction price of ca28si50 is 9500-9600 yuan/ton (cash including tax).

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FOB Price of Calcium Silicon

According to the export market transaction report data this week, the current FOB Price of Ca30Si60 is 1500-1550 US dollars/ton, and the Ca28Si55 1480-1530 US dollars/ton (FOB price, Tianjin Port). The export price of calcium silicon fell this week.

Construction Start Statistics

According to statistics from this website on 5 national standard calcium silicon alloy manufacturers, there were 5 manufacturers in the calcium silicon market in February 2024, with a total of 6 furnaces actually in operation. The company’s operating rate was about 100%, and the furnace operating rate was about 66.67 %, the total market output in February is expected to be about 7,400 tons, which is the same as the actual output in January.

Outlook for Calcium Silicon Alloys

In the first week after the market resumption after the holiday, the downstream market was mainly on the sidelines, and the overall transaction performance of the calcium silicon market was deserted. As various calcium silicate factories started production normally during the Spring Festival, inventory pressure increased after the holiday. In addition, downstream demand recovered slowly in the early stage of market resumption. Factories sold goods at low prices due to oversupply, which caused the overall price focus of calcium silicate to shift downward. It is difficult for short-term market demand to have much room for improvement, and the phenomenon of downstream price pressure will continue. However, with cost support, the decline in calcium silicon will not be too large in the later period. It is expected to be weak and consolidate in the short term.

The Price of Silicon Barium

According to this week’s silicon-barium alloy market transaction report, the current price of high barium 30# in Inner Mongolia is 7900-8100 yuan/ton, high barium in Gansu is 8000-8050 yuan/ton; low barium 4-6# natural block in Inner Mongolia is currently 7100-7200 yuan/ton, and Ningxia temporarily No quotation, Qinghai 6900-7000 yuan/ton; low barium 2-3# natural block Inner Mongolia 7100-7200 yuan/ton, Ningxia no quotation; silicon barium inoculant 4-6#, 1-3mm, 3-8mm Jiangsu, Anhui 7900-8000 yuan/ton, Inner Mongolia and Ningxia 7600-7800 yuan/ton (factory price including tax).

According to the incomplete statistics of 18 high and low barium alloy manufacturers on this website, a total of 7 companies started production in the silicon barium market in January 2024 (including 4 high barium production companies and 4 low barium production companies (including self-use ), 1 high and low barium production enterprise), with a total of 12 furnaces actually opened, the operating rate (according to the manufacturer) is about 38.89%, a month-on-month decrease of 5.55%, and the expected output is 9,100 tons, a month-on-month decrease of 1,100 tons.

Silicon barium inoculant

Forecast of Silicon Barium Alloy Market Outlook

This week’s high and low barium market quotations were the same as before the holiday. There is not much spot inventory of high barium. In addition, the downstream small alloy companies are slow to start operations and there are few market transactions. Therefore, high barium factories are mainly waiting and watching to stabilize prices. The spot supply of low barium factories is still tight. After the holiday, most orders are placed before active delivery, and there is no major adjustment in ferrosilicon. Therefore, the low barium market also maintains a stable state. In the later period, we will focus on the impact of market start-up changes on the supply and demand of ferrosilicon, and the market is expected to operate stably in the short term.

Calcium Metal Price Outlook

Due to the normal production of the original calcium plants during the Spring Festival, there is a certain inventory pressure after the holiday. In addition, many downstream companies have sufficient stocks before the holiday. The recovery of market demand after the holiday is slow and the market support is insufficient. The quoted price of metallic calcium plants has dropped by about 500 yuan/ton. Bidding may be launched in March after the Lantern Festival. At that time, market inquiries and actual transactions will need to be focused on. It is expected that the metallic calcium market will maintain this price next week.

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