Calcium Silicon Price On Chinese Market September 2023

Current Price of Calcium Silicon

According to the Ferroalloy online. On September 28, 2023, the quotations of calcium silicon factories in Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, and Shaanxi remained strong. The current mainstream quotation in the calcium silicon alloy ca30si60 market is 12,300-12,500 yuan/ton, and the mainstream transactions price is 12,100-12,300 yuan/ton (cash price including ex-factory tax).

Calcium slicon price Ferro silicon calcium

There are currently many positive factors in the calcium silicate market, and factories are still expected to raise prices after the holiday. From the perspective of calcium silicon cost: electricity prices in various places have not changed much, but the raw materials coke, limestone, and blue charcoal have increased rapidly recently, which has supported the production cost of calcium silicon from the perspective of market inventory: Ningxia and Inner Mongolia factories have no inventory pressure. , and some factories have already placed more orders, and the inventory in Shaanxi is at a low level, so there is no negative impact on prices for the time being; from the perspective of shipments: due to downstream stocking before the holiday, the calcium silicon alloy market shipments have been good since September, and the factory Mood lifted.

It is unknown whether market demand will increase after the holiday, but judging from various factors such as cost and inventory, the calcium silicon alloy market has greatly improved compared with the first half of the year. Therefore, factories are more confident about stabilizing prices after the holiday and do not rule out the possibility of continued small increases.

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Calcium silicon Price on the Third Quarter

Since the third quarter, the overall trend of the national standard calcium silicon alloy market has been weak at first and then strong. Since the beginning of the year, the ferroalloy market has been affected by the economic environment, terminal demand has been sluggish, and market transactions have continued to be sluggish. Therefore, the price of calcium silicon alloy has continued to weaken since the Spring Festival, and the market has been in a depression. The price of calcium silicon has also fallen below the 11,000 yuan mark. The factory is in The cost line is teetering on the edge.

Starting from July, the production of the Inner Mongolia calcium silicon factory was unstable and the output declined. The market spot inventory was slowly consumed during this period. Until September, the prices of raw materials such as coke and limestone continued to rise. The production cost of calcium silicate increased, and the prices of other calcium silicate alloys also increased. Started to keep rising. The price of calcium silicon began to continue to rise. Under the influence of the market sentiment of “buy up, not buy down”, downstream began to replenish inventory in advance, and calcium silicon inventory continued to decline. Some factories began to arrange production orders. Under the tilt of supply and demand, silicon The calcium market is gaining momentum, and factories are more confident in raising prices.

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