Calcium Metal Used in Steelmaking

Why is Calcium Metal Said to be a Magician?

Have a magical substance in modern production, Its existence seems to be a profound gift given to mankind by nature, it is called Calcium metal. It has High activity、High conductivity、Highly reactive. The application of  Calcium metal in the industrial field is omnipotent, so it’s known as the “magician” of industry.

calcium metal wire
calcium metal granule pure calcium metal powder
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Application Fields of Metallic Calcium

Calcium metal has wide Application fields, for example, Steel smelting, non-ferrous metal smelting, the petrochemical industry, environmental protection, electronics, medicine, and so on. In these fields, the Calcium metal plays an important makes great contribution to human progress and development.

  • In the Steel smelting field, Calcium metal is an important additive. It can effectively improve steel’s strength, hardness, and wear resistance, while also improving the oxidation resistance of steel. By adding metallic calcium, the performance of steel has been greatly improved, making steel products stronger and more durable, meeting people’s demand for high-quality steel.
  • In the field of non-ferrous metal smelting, it is also very important. It can be used in the smelting process of aluminum, magnesium, and metals to improve performance and purity. Through the participation of Calcium metal, the quality of non-ferrous metals has been greatly improved, providing strong support for producing various non-ferrous metal products.
  • In the Electronic field, Calcium metal has Features of High conductivity and high reactivity, it can make every high-performance electronic component. By the application of metallic calcium, the performance of electronic products has been greatly improved, bringing great convenience to human life.

Specifications of Metallic Calcium

98.5% min0.2% max0.1% max0.8% max0.02% max0.005% max0.03% max0.01% max0.01% max0.5% max
Chemical Composition of Calcium Metal

Metal Calcium for Sale

We offer 98.5% Calcium metal as lump, granule, and powder. As a leading supplier of ferroalloy materials, our supply ability of calcium metal is up to 3000 metric tons per month. The following table shows the product details. If you are looking for other grade metal calcium, contact the sales by leaving a message.

calcium metal manufacturer from China
Ca 98.5%

We supply 98.5% Calcium metal block, Calcium-metal particles and power.

ColourSilvery-white metallic
hardnessRelatively soft metal
Crystaline structureCubic
Ductilitycan be beaten into extremely thin sheets
MalleabilityCapable of being shaped or bent.

The Features of Calcium Metal

The chemistry of calcium is a typical Alkaline earth heavy metal. For example, The reaction rate of calcium with water is faster than magnesium and slower than strontium, which produces calcium hydroxide and hydrogen gas. The calcium metal acts with Oxygen and nitrogen in the air, taking the shape mixture of Calcium oxide and calcium nitride. After dividing, it spontaneously burns in the air to produce the nitride. In bulk, calcium has a bad reaction: it quickly forms a hydration coating in moist air, but below 30% relative humidity it may be stored indefinitely at room temperature.

The role of Calcium Metal in Steelmaking

Calcium is added to steel during manufacture for the reduction of sulphur and oxygen contents and also to control the shape of remaining sulphide inclusions. Following injection into the ladle, calcium combines with sulphur and oxygen, and reaction products are carried into the slag.

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