Calcium Cored Wire | A New Production Process of Ca Wire

Cored wire technology is an out-of-furnace refining method produced with the advancement of science and technology. Alloy cored wire is used in steelmaking, which can purify the form of steel inclusions and improve the castability of molten steel and significantly increase the yield of ferroalloy, reduce alloy consumption, reduce steelmaking cost, and improve economic benefits.

calcium silicon cored wire
calcium cored wire
alloy cored wire
calcium silicon cored wire casi wire alloy cored wire

The technical index of the alloy cored wire

1. The molten steel is treated with calcium on the feeding line, the molten steel reacts smoothly, avoids secondary oxidation, the floating speed of inclusions is fast, and the effect of purifying the molten steel is good.

2. It is beneficial to fine-tune the composition of steel.

3. The alloy yield has been greatly increased.

4. Feeding line can avoid bringing gas into molten steel.

5. The feeding line has strong adaptability and wide application range.

6. The feeding line is operated by equipment, which is convenient for maintenance, safe in production and does not pollute the environment.

It can be seen from the production process of the cored wire that the cored wire is a means of assisting in smelting steel. Through this method of refining outside the furnace, the performance of molten steel can be significantly improved, which is very beneficial to the reduction of steelmaking costs for enterprises.

The role of pure calcium cored wire

1. Using pure-calcium cored wire for calcium treatment in the production of low-carbon and low-silicon steel can reduce the temperature drop by 2.6°C on average, reduce the silicon increase by 0.001%, shorten the wire feeding time by 1 minute, and increase the yield by 2.29 times compared with the iron-calcium wire.

2. The feeding amount of iron-calcium wire is 3 times that of high-calcium wire. If it is converted into the same calcium content W (ca) for comparison, the feeding of iron-calcium wire is 2.45 times that of high-calcium wire.

3. High-calcium cored wire is used to process molten steel, and the level of inclusions in the steel is equivalent to that of fed iron-calcium wire, which can meet product requirements.

Design and functional requirements of solid calcium metal cored wire

calcium silicon alloy cored wire
calcium silicon cored wire calcium metal cored wire

1. Use self-made ¢7.0-¢7.8mm pure calcium wire as the core material of the cored wire.

2. The cold-rolled bright steel strip is adopted, the thickness of the strip is more reasonable, the diameter is ∮9-10mm, the wire diameter is uniform, and it has the advantages of high tensile strength, good toughness, and not easy to break, which is more conducive to accurate control of the amount of wire feeding.

3. This product can be applied to steel grades refined by calcium-iron cored wire and silicon-calcium cored wire, and the yield of calcium is increased by more than 50%.

4. Using the existing wire feeding equipment, a deeper feeding depth of molten steel can be achieved at a lower wire feeding speed, the amount of wire feeding is easy to accurately control, and the wire feeding process is stable.

5. The core wire is dense and tightly wrapped, which can be stored for a longer period of time and can also guarantee the use effect.

Advantages of solid calcium cored wire

  1. The yield rate of calcium element is increased. After feeding the solid core pure calcium cored wire developed by our factory, the average yield rate of calcium for low-carbon and low-silicon steel represented by SPHC is more than 15%.The use efficiency of calcium is about 52% higher than that of silicon-calcium cored wire.
  2. Cost reduction is obvious. The feeding weight of steel solid core pure calcium cored wire is only about 38% of that of silicon calcium cored wire.
  3. It is more conducive to the production of pure steel.
  4. Reduce and eliminate nozzle blockage of continuous casting steel.
  5. Reduced work intensity.

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