Analysis of April Manganese Alloys Prices Trends

The comprehensive index of manganese alloys has mainly decreased on a month-on-month basis. The comprehensive index of silicomanganese is 138.39 (-), the comprehensive index of manganese ore is 161.60 (-0.63%), the comprehensive index of ferromanganese is 134.44 (-0.46%), and the electrolytic manganese index is 98.66 (-0.57%). The market situation is as follows:

ProductPrice indexRise%
Manganese Ore161.600.63
Ferro Manganese134.440.46
Electrolytic Manganese98.660.57

Manganese Ore

In March, high-priced manganese ore gradually arrived at ports, increasing the overall cost. However, downstream production reduced demand, making it difficult to maintain these costs. The spot price had room to fall, but factories continued to suppress prices, leading to a slight decline in manganese ore prices. Today, Australian lumps and South African semi-carbonate remained stable, while Gabonese lumps, South African high-iron, and other types of ores at ports saw a slight drop of 0.5 yuan/tonne.

Silico manganese Price

ferro silicomanganese

Yesterday, a representative steel mill in Hebei province quoted 7300 yuan/tonne for April’s silicomanganese, which is in line with market expectations. The pricing for silicomanganese in April has been established with differences of only a few tens of yuan, ranging from 7300 to 7400 yuan in the north and south regions. Currently, silicomanganese factories are pessimistic about quoting prices as they must consider production costs and also face difficulty in securing transactions due to market prices and steel demand. Today, factory quotes for SiMn 6517 remained relatively unchanged, with some individual factories lowering their quotes. The mainstream quote in the north is around 7000 yuan, while some factories quote at 6900 yuan/tonne. There are fewer quotes in the south, and retail transactions have been progressing slowly recently. The raw material, coke, has fallen by 100 yuan/tonne, while manganese ore spot prices for Australian lumps and South African semi-carbonate remained stable. Gabonese lumps and South African high-iron saw a slight drop of 0.5 yuan/tonne.

Ferro manganese Price

low carbon ferro manganese

The oversupply situation affecting the current spot market has dampened trading sentiment. The weak trend of silicomanganese futures has not changed, and some ferromanganese factories are under pressure to ship their products and have reduced prices to 6100-6200 yuan/tonne for FeMn 65#. The continuous drop in steel prices for April recruitment has weakened the sentiment of traders, and the decline in ferromanganese prices has created a certain bargaining space for the current market. Since yesterday’s inquiry of 6300 yuan/tonne by Hegang Ferromanganese, some industry insiders have a view that prices may break the 6 yuan mark. The low sentiment of the medium-to-low manganese market has worsened, and with Nangang’s low manganese price of 9880 yuan/tonne and other steel mills quoting only around 10000-10100 yuan/tonne, the trend for low manganese prices is downward. The price of medium manganese 75C2.0 is also under pressure at around 8800 yuan/tonne, and actual transactions have seen a discount of 50-100 yuan.

Electrolytic Manganese Metal Price

electrolytic manganese metal

Electrolytic manganese prices are still lackluster, and with the market demand remaining weak (except for poor terminal performance and steel mill demand needing improvement, the purchasing price gap between retailers and factories is also significant), the mainstream electrolytic manganese transaction price remains around 14600-14800 yuan/tonne, with some factories showing resistance to end-user prices of 14500 yuan/tonne. However, under the current premise of mainly allowing for discounted sales, most industry insiders have reported minimal transaction results. Furthermore, with production maintaining high levels and storage quantities following up, the electrolytic manganese market is unlikely to see any upward trend.

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