ZXferroalloy, the Manufacturer of LC FerroChrome, Anniversary Celebration

On March 6, 2023, the special day of Anyang ZXferroalloy’s 20th anniversary. Zhenxin Metallurgical Foreign Trade Department celebrated the establishment of the company. Everyone has a common wish, and that is to sincerely wish ZXferroalloy great development in the future and a higher level.

The gifts of Company Anniversary and Women's Day for the female staffs of zxferroalloy

The History of ZXferroalloy

First of all, all zxferroalloy employees reviewed the company’s development history.

In the past two decades, we have witnessed the development and changes of ZXferroalloy step by step.

In 1997, Chairman Zhang, the founder of the company, led the domestic trade team to occupy high-carbon silicon, ferrochrome, and other domestic trade markets. They use the best service and professional ferroalloy knowledge to show customers their strength in the same industry. All of the staff would like to pay tribute to their hard work over the past two decades.

In 2003, Chenxin Group, the predecessor of Zhenxin Metallurgy, was established,

In 2013, the nitrogen production plant was established. The company has set up 4 nitrogen-based production lines, which can smelt low-carbon ferrochromium, ferrochromium nitride, manganese nitride, ferrosilicon nitride, and other products. Although the company’s nitrogen-based products are niche alloys, they have high purity and competitive prices, so they are well-received by domestic and foreign customers.

In 2020, the ZXferroalloy Foreign Trade Department was formally established. On the basis of export cooperation with foreign trade companies, we independently export low-carbon ferrochrome and other products.

At the same time, I would like to express my warmest congratulations to XX Company for its remarkable achievements in the past two decades!

The female staff of ZXferroalloy get their flowers

The Development of ZXferroalloy

ZXferroalloy is already a company with great influence in the industry. During the years of cooperation, the employees of ZXferroalloy have left a deep impression on us with their enterprising, honest service, and conscientious work attitude.

We have established good partnerships with more than 100 countries such as Italy, Germany, India, South Korea, and South Africa. This is not formed overnight but is created by years of business emotion, understanding, and trust. Here, on behalf of ZXferroalloy, We would like to express our gratitude to the vast number of cooperative units and customers. Thank you for your adherence to the “responsibility as the root, integrity-based” value standard for many years. 


ZXferroalloy will supply the best quality service in the future. Take customers at first, and be anxious about what customers are urgent. Provide our customers with the most considerate service. We help each other and achieve win-win results. All of us are very happy to have been with ZXferroalloy. With excellent leaders and pragmatic employees, we believe that ZXferroalloy has a bright future!

 Finally, we once again wish ZXferroalloy’s business will flourish and become a model and pride of the intermediary industry in China. We wish this celebration complete success, and all my colleagues all the best!


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