Zhenxin Ferroalloy 2022 First Quarter Regular Meeting

On April 4, 2022, members of the Foreign Trade Department of Zhenxin Metallurgical Company held a meeting in the conference room to summarize the gains and losses of the first quarter of 2022 and formulate the second quarter of 2022 work plan. The staff of the Foreign Trade Department attended the meeting. 

At the beginning of the meeting, The current international situation is analyzed by Miss Qiao–the manager of the Foreign Trade Department.


Russian-Ukrainian war, the domestic epidemic affected the regular work.
Due to the Russian-Ukrainian war, it was difficult to send metal calcium pellet documents to Russia. On the one hand, we looked for more delivery methods, and on the other hand, we sincerely explained to customers. Russia’s silicon calcium order was sanctioned, and the deposit collection was delayed.
Due to the epidemic in Shanghai, the cost of metal calcium lumps shipped from Shanghai Port has risen, and the transportation and loading costs have doubled compared to normal.

Although many difficulties were encountered, with the joint efforts of all employees, the problem was satisfactorily resolved.

The sales target for the second quarter was formulated. The main products of ferrosilicon and low carbon ferrochrome increased by 20% to complete the sales target of 8,000,000.

calcium metal
calcium metal
calcium silicon
calcium silicon
ferro silicon
Ferro silicon

Ferrochromium nitride and ferrosilicon nitride have stepped up production to ensure supply.
Calcium siliconCalcium metal, CaSi cored wire, and other products involve orders from Ukraine or Russia, and the shipping schedule, bank collection, and document delivery are repeatedly confirmed.

According to the company’s development plan, the meeting discussed how to improve service quality, make domestic and foreign customers 100% satisfied, and how enter the new markets.  Members of the Foreign Trade Department shared their experience in communicating with customers from different countries and expressed their opinions. 

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