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Most residents in the urban area of Anyang began to return to work on Monday (Dec. 5th) as the outbreak improved, local media reported. 

Welcome to ZXferroalloy

Anyang city experienced a third round of the epidemic in November.  Anyang city, part of the ferroalloy plant halted production.  Ferroalloy foreign trade customers stop visiting the factory, all foreign transactions on line. 

Anyang is a city located in the north of Henan Province. Shuiye Town of Anyang is known as the hometown of ferroalloy.  Since the latest outbreak began on November 1, its infections have been concentrated in the town of Shuiye. 

Welcome to zxferroalloy
welcome to ZXferroalloy

Anyang Epidemic Situation

Anyang is an important ferroalloy manufacturing base in the world. Here are a lot of ferroalloys plants such as ferrosilicon plants, ferrochrome nitride plants, alloy cored wire plants, ferrochrome plants, etc. 

Most of the ferroalloy producers have resumed production, the Anyang Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology said on Sunday.  During the pandemic, 87.15 percent of manufacturers have completed their 2022 annual production plans. 

According to data released by the Anyang Health Commission on Thursday, there were 0 new confirmed cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia on Dec 6, 2022, with 2 confirmed cases and 582 cured in total. 

“The epidemic situation in the city is steadily improving, but there are still hidden dangers in some areas, and the epidemic prevention and control task is still arduous,” said the Anyang Health Commission. 

The commission urged the public to strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control plan and minimize gatherings as much as possible.

The Latest Epidemic Prevention Policy

  • High-risk areas should be designated precisely. Arbitrary expansion of high-risk areas as well as temporary lockdowns is banned.
  • People can have COVID testing based on a voluntary basis, except for those working at high-risk posts or from high-risk areas. PCR test and health code requirements are also waived for cross-regional travel.
  • Mild COVID patients and asymptomatic carriers can choose to quarantine at home.
  • Closed-off management should be lifted promptly for high-risk areas where no new inflections are reported for five days in a row.
  • Pharmacies should not be shut down arbitrarily. Buying non-prescription medicines for fever, cough, cold and antiviral drugs should not be restricted.
  • Ensure the normal operations of society and the provision of basic medical services.

How to Visit ZXferroalloy?

  • Overseas arrivals should report in advance and be quarantined 3 days after arrival. 
  • High-risk areas in the country will be subject to red code management and seven-day home quarantine. 
  • 3-day health inspection in low-risk areas in China.

Domestic and foreign customers have plans to visit the factory, please contact us without hesitation.

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