Power Supply Safeguards Ferroalloys Production

On June 11, at the No. 1 main transformer expansion project site of the 1,000 kV UHV Xingtai Station, staff were installing 1,000 kV side combination electrical appliances. The main transformer will be put into operation in the near future. After it is put into operation, the North China UHV grid structure will be significantly enhanced, effectively improving the power supply capacity of Hebei power grid and providing reliable power supply for people to spend their summer production and life.

Power supply safeguard the ferroalloy production

“Compared with previous years, the maximum load is expected to reach 50 million kilowatts during the peak summer period this year. At the same time, the impact of extreme weather may increase the rapid switching of ‘sunny, hot and heavy rain’ weather, which puts forward higher requirements for the power grid.” State Grid Wang Xinming, chief engineer of Hebei Electric Power Dispatching and Control Center introduced. In order to fully ensure the reliable supply of electricity during the summer, the Hebei Electric Power Department has formulated measures to ensure the supply of electricity during the summer peak in advance, starting from various aspects such as optimizing the grid structure, stabilizing and full supply of service power, and improving the power grid regulation capabilities to fully prepare for the peak season. summer to ensure reliable power supply.

On the power grid side, the Hebei Electric Power Department has implemented a series of power grid projects to meet the summer peak this year, including the Li County East 220 kV power transmission and transformation project, the Handan Wenwen 220 kV No. 1 main transformer expansion project and other 110 kV and above main grid projects. 19 items, with a line length of 107 kilometers and a transformation capacity of 2.35 million kVA. In terms of distribution network, it involves 5,085 projects, with a length of 14,043 kilometers of newly built or renovated lines, 5,681 newly built and renovated distribution transformers, and a transformation capacity of 1.54 million kVA. As of June 1, 17 main network projects have been completed, and the completion rate of distribution network projects has reached more than 90%. All these projects will be completed by June 30, laying the foundation for reliable power supply to the power grid during the summer.

On the power supply side, we promote the completion of planned maintenance of 44 units with a capacity of 17.16 million kilowatts before the summer, carry out “one person, one factory” visit service, and implement “one machine, one policy” precise management of power generation capacity. Organize power generation enterprises to prepare bulk materials such as electricity, coal, and gas, and prepare emergency units for “on-demand deployment” to maximize the peak supply capacity of units within the network; at the same time, through inter-provincial mutual aid, inter-provincial spot transactions and Strive for external power supply through emergency power support and other means.

On the load side, we actively promote the establishment of a 5 million kilowatt demand response resource library, guide power users to respond actively through market-based means, and achieve a balance between power supply and demand and optimal allocation of resources; at the same time, we deeply explore air-conditioning temperature control, flexible maintenance, additional power generation by self-owned power plants, and error Flexible and adjustable load resources such as peak charging can protect people’s livelihood and enterprise production and operations to the greatest extent.

In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of the power grid during the summer, the Hebei Electric Power Department carried out joint anti-accident drills and special drills during the peak summer season. Strengthen power grid operation and maintenance inspections, conduct drone inspections and infrared temperature measurements on important transmission lines, and further improve the accuracy of transmission line inspections. Implement “grid” services and scientifically deploy personnel to ensure rapid response to customer demands.

In response to the extreme weather that may occur during this summer, we will strengthen coordination with meteorological, water conservancy, emergency and other departments to accurately grasp water conditions, emergency rescue and other information. Focus on duty monitoring and inspection of important facilities such as city central stations, 500 kV and above substations, line poles and towers in geologically unstable areas, dense passages, underground power distribution stations, cable tunnels, and urban “lifelines”, and strictly implement them The 24-hour duty system has strengthened emergency command and dispatch at the provincial, municipal and county levels, and established 140 emergency support teams with 3,536 people and 60 power trucks to fully improve disaster prevention and emergency response capabilities, ensuring safe and reliable operation of equipment and keeping people cool during the summer.

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