How Does Ferro Alloys Manufacturers Expand Foreign Trade Under COVID-19?

The 2022 International Ferroalloy Conference held in Dubai has just ended. Due to the strict epidemic prevention and control in China, ZXferroalloy cannot participate in this conference and cannot communicate face-to-face with foreign customers.

ZXferroalloy mainly produces nitride ferrochrome, nitride ferrosilicon, nitride ferromanganese, etc. We have bulk stock of ferrosilicon, ferrochrome, ferromanganese, silicomanganese as raw materials.

ferrosilicon nitride
ferrosilicon nitride manufacturer
ferro silicon manufacturer in China
ferrosilicon manufacturer in China
calcium silicon
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These commodities are of high value, and customers seek strong long-term partners. On the one hand, customers can directly and effectively see the virtual environment of commodity production and understand the authenticity and strength of the factory to be cooperated with. On the other hand, you can learn about product details, and face-to-face communication can more truly feel the company’s service and corporate culture. However, the epidemic prevention and control is still strict, and there are still many difficulties for foreign customers to visit the factory.

What Can We Do Besides Visiting the Factory?

1. Arrange an online factory visit: Through video calls with customers, introduce products and factory information, so that customers can learn detailed information about the company online.

2. Send company qualifications: Provide customers with detailed company information, qualification certification, etc.

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3. Introduce related services: provide customers with some SGS test reports, etc., to inform customers that we have strict control over products, and ferroalloy products are subject to quality testing before leaving the factory to ensure that chemical content and particle size distribution meet customer needs.

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4. Customer referral: On the premise of protecting customer information, share some successful cooperation cases with customers. Convey the real evaluation of our company from customers in the same market

Latest Epidemic Prevention and Control Policy

Under the Joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council, a press conference was held on the afternoon of June 28. The press conference said that the epidemic prevention and control had achieved remarkable results recently, and the overall situation of the epidemic in China was fluctuating at a low level.  The National Health Commission said it does not need to take quarantine measures for people traveling from low-risk areas, but requires two nucleic acid tests and personal health monitoring within three days.

ferro alloys traders -
ferro alloys traders

On June 28, the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of The State Council released the ninth edition of the COVID-19 prevention and control plan, which changed the quarantine period of close contacts and inbound visitors from “14-day concentrated medical observation + 7-day home health monitoring” to “7-day concentrated medical observation + 3-day home health monitoring“.  The control measures for close contact were changed from “7-day centralized isolation for medical observation” to “7-day home isolation for medical observation”.  The two types of risk area demarcation standards and prevention and control measures should be linked and corresponded, and the concept of medium-high risk area should be unified to form a new risk area demarcation and control plan.  High-risk areas implemented “homestay and door-to-door services”, and those with no new infections for seven consecutive days were reduced to medium-risk areas, while those with no new infections for three consecutive days were reduced to low-risk areas. 

Welcome the domestic and foreign customers to the company to inspect the instruction, our company is willing to serve you wholeheartedly.

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