Ferro Silicon Price Outlook 2023 – Chinese FeSi Supplier

Ferro silicon prices in the Chinese market are determined by factors such as demand, supply, raw material costs, and economic conditions.

In recent years, the Ferro silicon price in China has been fluctuating due to policy changes, the trade environment, and market demand.

According to recent reports, the Ferro silicon price in the Chinese market has been rising steadily due to the increase in demand from the steel industry. As of March 2023, the average price of Ferro silicon was around 1,400 – 1700 USD per metric ton.

“Ferroalloy Online” 2023-3-3: The ferrosilicon market remains weak and stable. The mainstream quotation is FeSi72% 7600-7800, FeSi75% 7900-8000 yuan/ton. The particle size is 10-60mm, and the natural block of Maoye Factory is 0-200mm. The futures market fluctuated slightly, the spot price did not change much, and there were still a few large orders in the market.

Considering the current market trend and various factors influencing the price, it is possible that the Ferro silicon 75% Export price may steady at 1650USD per metric ton in the Chinese market in 2023.

In terms of factories: the 10 small furnaces that need to be replaced by the large Wuhai factory have been shut down, and the replaced large furnaces will be put into operation in 2-3 months. Zhongwei Dayou overhauled a 33,000kva ferrosilicon furnace, and Zhongwei Shengjin overhauled a furnace in early February to resume production.

In terms of steel recruitment: Jiangsu Shagang is priced at 8,400 yuan/ton, Nanjing Iron and Steel is priced at 8,340 yuan/ton, Xinyu Iron and Steel is priced at 8,350 yuan/ton, Henan Minyuan is priced at 8,140 yuan/ton in cash, Jinshenglan Group is priced at Hubei 8130, Jiangsu 8130, Guangdong Yunfu 8300, Guangdong Heyuan 8350 yuan/ton in cash.

Magnesium metal: The magnesium ingot market is still running weakly. The fundamental factor is still the slow recovery of downstream demand. The follow-up of transactions is average. Due to the pressure of transactions and inventory, the price of magnesium factories has continued to fall this week. Today’s quotation is 20,800 yuan/ton in cash, which is 100-200 yuan/ton lower than yesterday.

In general: the futures market has fluctuated slightly recently, with stalemate up and down. The spot surface steel recruitment is advancing, but the progress is slow. The steel bidding price is still declining compared with February, and the market speculative demand is not active. In the short term, the market will pay attention to the steel recruitment situation.

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