2022 Annual Summary & Commendation Conference

On the morning of January19, 2023, ZXferroalloy grandly held the 2022 annual summary and commendation conference. A total of 20 people including Chairman Zhang, and all staff of Ferroalloy Foreign Trade Department attended the meeting. Human resources director Miss. Niu presided over the meeting.

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Summary and Commendation Meeting

First of all, the Director of Human Resources Miss Niu announced the results of the year-end assessment of the department in 2022. 2022 is a year of opportunities and challenges. All zxferroalloy staff have worked together to achieve brilliant results despite the epidemic blockade, the Russian-Ukrainian war, and other unfavorable factors.

zxferroalloy team building in 2023

The main product, low-carbon ferrochrome, has developed steadily, and has opened up new markets such as Italy, Brazil, and Russia, with a total export of 4,536MT. Ferrosilicon, ferromanganese, calcium metal, silicon carbide, cored wire, silicomanganese and other products are sold to Southeast Asia, South America, Europe and other markets, and the product quality has been well received by foreign customers.

It is hoped that all departments will focus on the future, the advanced ones will sum up their experience and find the shortcomings, and the laggards will forge ahead, find the gaps in the benchmark, and work together.

The Chairman Makes an Opening Speech

Then, Chairman Zhang summed up the past 2022 of ZXferroalloy, and analyzed the profound meaning of Zhenxin’s values of ‘Purity & Honesty’. Chairman Zhang said ‘I hope that all departments will unite in the new year to create a better future. Excellent employees sum up experience and make persistent efforts.’ The new employees discover the deficiencies and forge ahead. The precious wealth of annual high-quality development is also the competitive advantage of Zhenxin’s sustainable development in the future. Chairman Zhang also wished everyone good health, family happiness, and all the best in the Year of the Rabbit!

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Miss Niu announced the list of outstanding employees and congratulated the outstanding employees. Chairman Zhang awarded award certificates and bonuses to outstanding employees. The achievements of ZXferroalloy in 2022 are obvious to all, which is inseparable from the conscientious employees, especially the outstanding representatives who have outstanding performance and made outstanding contributions to ZXferroalloy.

Outstanding Staff Commendation

The 2022 annual summary and commendation conference of ZXferroalloy ended successfully. The chairman’s speech is inspiring. We should integrate the values of ‘Purity & Honesty’  into the depths of our soul, and have newer and higher requirements for ourselves in our work, so as to work hard for ZXferroalloy!

After the summary and commendation meeting, Chairman Zhang had lunch with all the staff of the Ferroalloy Foreign Trade Department. Everyone chatted with each other happily while tasting delicious food and wine. After lunch, Ms. Zhang, the manager of the foreign trade department, distributed Chinese New Year benefits to employees. The present is not traditional food and fruit. The company’s logistics personnel are people-oriented, and distribute personalized New Year gifts to employees according to their different wishes. The beautiful sales lady of the foreign trade department received well-known brand cosmetics.

zxferroalloy salesman specializes in ferrosilicon medium carbon ferro chrome

This year-end party has further improved the cohesion of the company, stimulated the enthusiasm of the employees, let everyone devote themselves to work and life with fuller spirit and greater enthusiasm, and strive for a better 2023

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