Ferro Silicon Zirconium FeSiZr

The Uses of Ferro Silicon Zirconium

Ferro silicon zirconium is mainly used in steelmaking as a deoxidizing agent, desulfurizing agent, and denitrification agent.

  1. Ferro silicon zirconium can be used in the production of gray pig iron, nodular iron, vermicular iron, etc.
  2. Mainly used in the production of machine tools, cylinders, and other castings.
  3. The hardness and strength of steel added with zirconium is improved, which is widely used in the production of stainless steel and heat-resistant steel, and is an important material for defense weapons such as armored vehicles, tanks, and bulletproof plates.
Ferro Silicon Zirconium FeSiZr Manufacturer Silicon Zirconium

The Specification of Ferro Silicon Zirconium

Chemical composition of ferro silicon zirconium

 Ferro Silicon Zirconium for Sale

1-3mm, 0.5-12mm, or customized as your requirement

Packaging: 25kg woven plastic bag in 1mt jumbo bag.

Ferro silicon zirconium, ferro silicon magnesium packing details

Ferro Silicon Zirconium Manufacturer

ZXferroalloy specializes in the production of inoculant, such as ferro silicon barium, calcium silicon, ferro silicon, and ferro silicon zirconium.

The size and specification can be customized. We have our own alloy cored wire production line, calcium silicon, ferro silicon magnesium can be processed into casi cored wire, fesimg cored wire, fesizr cored wire, etc.

ZXferroalloy is located in Anyang, Henan, China. A lot of ferroalloys factories are here. Convenient transportation, preferential policies, perfect service.

The Current Price of Ferro Silicon Zirconium

Si:45-60% ; Zr:15% min; Al:1.5% max; C:0.5% max; FOB Tianjin 1900USD/T. Contact and get the current price of ferrosilicon zirconium.

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