Aluminium Manganese

What is Aluminium Manganese?

Manganese aluminum alloy is an alloy used to adjust the chemical composition of aluminum alloys. Manganese aluminum alloy is widely used in the fields of special aluminum, aluminum plastic, automobile wheels, aerospace, and so on.

Manganese aluminium

Aluminium Manganese Specification

SpecMn85Al15, Mn80Al20
Size10-60mm, 90% pass
Aluminum manganese specification

Aluminum Manganese Production Process

Using powder alloy new technology, at room temperature and high hydraulic pressure, WFM-S type fusible adhesive is developed to prepare high-performance manganese aluminum alloy powder. The product does not contain sodium, chlorine, fluorine, and other harmful elements, high melting efficiency, environmental protection, and no pollution. The high-performance manganese aluminum alloy products produced by our company have significant energy savings compared with the traditional process.

The Advantage of ZXferroalloy.

ZXferroalloy integrates advanced manganese Aluminium alloy manufacturing technology at home and abroad, innovates and develops new technologies and new products, and successfully develops more than 20 products in four series of manganese nitride, manganese aluminum alloy, ferro manganese, electrolytic manganese metal, which are widely used in high-end steel and high-end aluminum manufacturing fields.

Fruitful in science and technology, steadily promote the high-quality development of the industry, in the “metal powder forging technology”, “metal nitriding technology”, “non-metal nitriding technology”, “metal powder bonding and forming technology” and other key core technologies, has made significant achievements, obtained 10 national authorized invention patents, more than 30 utility model patents, Dizhou City Science and Technology Progress Award first prize 2, Three provincial Science and technology progress awards, one provincial patent award. R&d investment has exceeded 100 million yuan, and the proportion of R&D investment in sales has reached more than 3.5%.

Aluminium Manganese Uses

Aluminum manganese alloy is an alloy with strong deoxidation ability. Its specific gravity is about twice that of metal aluminum. It can increase the aluminum recovery rate in deoxidation alloying, thereby reducing the consumption of metal aluminum. It simplifies the deoxidation process and facilitates operation.

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